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Friday, January 13th

ft. Modern Times


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What do you notice. I notice. A room full happy people. What do you notice about the guy. And again. As he's here at the beer tonight yeah. Actually yes I can work your am brewers alone you just don't see the beards don't you. I notice at all I don't I don't see gender race and Seychelles are at home when you see brewer that doesn't have a beer I'll they would sticks out. Don't. You say oh you have. You'll morning. Wow. We're gonna get the right time I'm here to class of the show are you. So Iraq general happier and definitely when I supported by the reveal ale house and sauces really Mission Hills and the regal Siegel L house and sauces room Acadia. Jeremy let me tonight as always our craft beer and Angeles mr. Ken writes it was announced. It's so even center. It was last week in. What would even drink and you know it you know what I have been drinking is everything you can get your hands on right now pretty much locked the cabinets the I I because of the rain weather I've been drinking a lot of the time Bill Russell Porter from a second does that make sense you know that's a blank slate Tony seventeen brand new year makes perfect sense doesn't it annual roast Ian toasty and wonderful and a and again. Well you know interesting enough our first beer tonight comes in the candle and it does look into the the second because. Casey you brought neck and he's totally fan blowing out can you please keep your boyfriend or control wake up and it modern fan times net. And what. Yeah I should say right now she's on medication and she's not drinking so anything she says tonight this is what nor nor nor because noted is a lot of things. At the very people the important thing is this week I don't have any crashes with me that's a good name honey you don't have a boot and nick won a mixed use deal I don't I have my own shoes on this week. Interest rates and low life. Just let that we do call him. Modern times and 99 at Hotmail dot com because every time we go to the modern times you heard you locks in there and just reads the list and squeals like a girl. On. And then on top of the day he as former coffee roasters and he really. Be situation that happens there at all times is the only big night. That that's perfect because I mean tonight we're going to be talking about bowl modern times beer and modern times coffee we've got. Michael Dan Derek in fill with us tonight gentlemen welcome and and you fill looking fantastic is always. Thanks so you've got this thing called the he cardinals cap the nation happening on my birthday so thank you for giving me my two favorite took my three favorite things on my birthday. Coffee in beer together and hit list. With the third when Jerry. It involves my significant other bowl. Taking yeah. And unicorn and yes yeah we can help you they are and I'm in the that that is a 100% right the truth look. Close though you guys are doing this this whole festival of coffee in beer and that's going to be the theme tonight we're gonna be drinking. All kinds of beer and coffee and things related between the two right. Great yeah right okay nice food. We don't because we're going to drink. Right now so what's their first beer the wants it I'll take this one Jack and all over they are all of them myself. This is our Black Hills cop is doubt whether it's Adam with nitro. And coComment cocoa Nieves and it's one of the few Beers we've had a very where everyone kind of just exploded and happiness when this actually turned out the way that we dreamed it up. Because when we know exactly exactly bottom over an idea we had no idea how the hell we're gonna do it mention a tragedy in the can no wedge it. Silky velvety night I noticed that two things first of all this is that it can which is crazy. In the second of all when you poured you imported rule hard he turned it right again. Got a four guards near you showed it on in there where an effort and I think the craziest thing is this tastes like he cast beer in my glass. It's soft it's smooth you get amazing amazing Coke and Gaza as a malicious guys get to settle chocolate on the back and this is. Awesome furthermore cans. Didn't owner's written on other days coming up like a I'm just tightening and the death for them because he's just sitting next to me when you mouthing thank you even understand you so. Pure. Plea he puts their keep your fan boy got out of control. So I mean this this is kind of lower expecting for your your carnival Kathy nation right. Yes and ten different hybrid stuff that we're doing here. And then there can tell you of the Martha debris is a country. Accomplish that yeah we've got a lot of breeze coming in from all over the country like I have figures coming in and there bringing fear that they're pairing with dark matter roasters from Chicago as well. We've got like a registries like bang a rang from Norris. Doing beer and coffee with Chapman crafted crafted beer they're doing pairings together. We've got no. Brew is like dale Smith who are actually using our coffee in their beer. And Bryan Brothers going to be forever as well they did special whilst we were doing like a hammerhead version of speedway is a to a large coffees in speedway call. We can't thank we can thank Michael your for that line. Dad and my remain I miss his roommate asked if you're out there hello Eric. Sort it's gonna be thirty buries a coffee roasters. And a couple espresso stations are gonna have all the roasters without or overs and cold cold brew coffee coming out of jockey boxes in. It's going to be fun for us. You moreover I think that's what really should do now excellence we've done we've done the beard thing we're going being policies on rejoicing music then talk about. So what you guys do with the cops program a modern times. The song fits exactly the kind of mood were in the birds in the rock and happy yards of the 949 told you ain't going nowhere is selected by Phil from modern times talking about there carnival of Catholic nation on the rock and alas the hour now Imus gets is the most station business where we talk about what we're doing next. You have the Lambeau of the University City you've got nine minutes and 496 called his radio station to claim your Coachella wrist bands and not just fair way. There and I just want is a fair. Love Edgerrin passes to Coachella now I think we're now I think anybody here would love you to take them with and then let's let's talk about what's going on. Because we've already tried when he your Beers and it had coffee in hand in hand Coke whom. Was coComment token and some. You blew my mind right now because I still can't believe that your kid came out of a can. It was just it's just so smooth now you guys there's more. I found another kid and course he did again and I had no doubt if there was you don't mind. Had he not found they found oil it and it and we may or may not be hoarding another one over here course you are. So let's talk about what black houses because blackouts is something you guys been doing a long time and you guys have been putting coffee into the wasn't yours before and then you started to roast your own now so know how. Absolutely there's another right so you know my own event wanted to make the most ten. A luxurious car premiere we can be done with the interview any time in. Holler my third option and outlook Jerry is going to be beer Phil yeah so we wanted to make. They're the copper forward that's one of the variables he can't control to make the greatest got a beard. And then sell being you know enterprising person that Jacob as he went on Craig's list and not a beautiful views rooster for cheaper than 93 Korolev. Opened up and made any work on it for like twelve hours a day and then we had copy beer for her. You know black house for the few months we did it and so we opened it the whole coffee scene wishing Helen has until we get back copy we've bid to back off about a year and they have so many in your roast faced killer. Right from the get go if she really she's de line Monday one Grozny and now so I mean it was always a part of the plan to bring coffee into the scene Ahmard times. Sort of several. This is going it's so does that mean I expected there and I don't think it was initially like I think from my mind when I was hired on I was I was there like. I don't think com heroes and was really a thing that we had thought of until that he used coffee or streaking up on Craig's list and then. The second we had and it became part of the plan gotta love Craig's list. If it inspires such greatness and filth. The that's very and then for 600 roses you. How is considered a pretty fair trade. I say you talk Grossman now you're making your own coffee and have a cafe in the Loma land dormitory and right so you've done import over here in front of us of what is this Saddam what would what's a poor overs that would Donald Trump ordered and that Moscow hotel with a little hole. Right there yeah I used to let this go politics political especially while we're drinking yeah everybody it is it is like that but warmer. Icon of the him ordering it. One classes and I love that I love it I absolutely love it because you do all right so let's. This this is a style where you gradually for hot water for the top of the Greisen filters through into the the vessel and whatever I know this is a special. Pour over Kraft. Did you use for coffee like this but who who wants to tell me about this coffee in particular. Also good stamina it. And like and I'm talking about yeah he's our right now we're drinking right now it's one errors I knew his roasted coffees believe Rosie did about two days ago. It's the Ethiopia Saddam oh goo G. Things only Dan can spell. It. It's bright and boutique yeah and apparently this is what I was told is that guy in the PG and so they were really what kind of stood out everybody on a table full of coffee. This is the one that was selected. He comes actually from the same region and farm that are black house coffee comes from. So which is pretty glad Africa itself and its coffee. He's really good the last chance. It's wonderful ONN I guess the beach no. That I would totally in the air I was I spent many years in and high school and college working at Starbucks other industries and many years in Ethiopia and out of this that they're they're they're copy expert program is something that I helped them do way back in god before the coffee boom even started and it is funny things you can given taste coffee like you do beard take small sips. Let you sit around him I'll get all the air Max in the in the coffee and this man. If somebody put Kremer in this I have to smack him in the face that is this this on its own it's regionally flavored. That does the method itself brings all the notes of the coffee out with that and it's just a really enjoyable cup. This is something that you can get as as Oakland you know if ever a lock in the homeland territory and go to McAfee side can they do me a pore over of this right here starting. Next week yes. I agree and he's acting in over yet we've got and bags I'm and were actually working on this as doing a single origin shot and it espresso. As well also this is what we're trying to experimenting for that you can also get a if you wanna go to an honor has emerged dot com you can order right oversight but it is this guy is just take a compatible. Baddeley case in Hastert he he had random bands that he's got coming because I know and there they are amazing without a down as the rock and all happy are never ready for nine shouting matches are voting their never sounds of good as he did in the shouting matches mother when. As we drew with their friends from modern time is led if you don't know Casey and Casey ours cocktails also works for live nation. Who has won a hard you know biggest concert promoters we haven't San Diego she brings shows down like beyoncé. Let her we know once or twice before. Who bringing Green Day back. What that's your showed spills it you miss tickets today April shadow you can see them in September as he training of the theater tickets just wanna. Diet and if you wanna get some good seeds get a now because they're going fassel's this is the show also out there won't it yes yeah labs sell out its already. Well on its way so definitely makes me get me tickets to that. Last I was a Green Day they've played Cox and it was one of the most amazing show us they're incredible they're coming as captives in the bottle in his. I want my favorites through Chris what's the next best line so extreme that I have such a crush on them when they play Kathleen freak out so I can't wait for that sort of come and then you know what else we announced what wedding oh is this the the butt rock show. Rack. It's not a doubt Larry Bird. Wife and my feet under us as well wearing that nose Cincinnati illustrating amber yeah I mean. And asking Indian June's apparently checked out on I'm going to back until I'm pride in the big way as a tight man oh yeah my my old Ben used to battle pleasing cover why apple is seriously you have Michelle and I don't you gamut that's fine art gap is about to be as a modern times. Always like times but the Mexican city rollers were playing around 10 o'clock at these so to bar. Hello in the name of your man and a granny saying yeah. It's this it's even better than him in the and you can even imagine if you look into. We're yeah we're out we're playing and be in the city V today c'mon yeah. And there. And I knew reasons from eagle you have a single that well and I didn't think. So monetize the third carnival of Japanese coming February 11 that is a beautiful blending. Of coffee in beer kennel at what they do anyways we had a amazing copy from them we've had a beer. With coffee in it and I love this next beer we're gonna drink it's a city of the dead in the when you look for what style it is it just says a read the back. Read I'm gonna read the back. Act lines yourself quietly all you will say is this that barely aged and coffee and aged and Burton barrels weight and I was expecting that hold on. Yeah sounds it's an export stay out that we used barely stopping and so it copies actually see you perceive her great for bear and does that mean you are sadistic is all get out you barrel aged costing it yet you that the green coffee beans in barrels they pick up the barrel character. Really really quickly in a matter of you know weaker to you. And then it in ended up coming through just who got high and fun I'm gonna put green beans and a barrel. I don't want I don't want to you know god I I have a modern times who didn't get high. Saturday. I really did go crazy ideas 800 are not getting rusty breathe again I'm pretty easy yeah. He's a it is is putting beans and a barrel I mean you've is that like putting beer bear award it's got bugs and you might get you know sour coughing so you be really hard and we would like China have. Basically. Cambodians and little by little pour through like the bang on time which is saying you know. I have got to try to sell that yeah handle each and every channel like shout back copy out Abbott now are able to take like that the heads up the burial itself so it's. It's one of those things where it could go Iraq indefinitely but so far we've had you know pretty spectacular results this fear is awesome. It almost has like gave a wine like characteristic to it this is like drinking. A cabernet of Beers with a little bit of coffee in the back. Yeah I know it's it's it's an export sell but it it it tastes almost dom -- my beer expert what is it what exactly is it exports down because the last time I heard that. Was when Dallas pointed out in your commander for the first time in the hurry in all kinds. Let between. If there is a silence not offering brood. It is not as strong as an imperial stout it is sort of the roast Venus and somewhat. It's got some grade nature to look like it like like an Irish stout but but it's going to be a little thicker and sweeter. It's it. Everything you just described as his beer but this spears got so much more going out that there's yet didn't there's a lot of very sweet almost thirty notes to it so do you do this here year round is this a special release I mean how how does city of the dead get made this is. A year around 22 ounce Bonner no we do we actually just put into year round irritation last year around this time you're sadistic the barely damaged coffee. It's it's a big job that I don't have to do it you know so big job very first song we are played on FM 94 guys we signed on these George speaker's election little green bags gobbled it all the music that. The Phillies picked up from modern times for our show about the contamination in carnivals capped a nation who came up with a guy named Phil. Did you I think it was me yeah. If you wanna cook but keep winning the goal of the combination carnival but that's not right now happening February 11 due to get tickets word we find them. Just go to modern times here dot com or just search search carnival fascination on Google like a dare go his comes up for the answers just like that happens. That's why spun on radio ads in telecast being. I have a copy it makes you smarter has got to come yet and so yeah definitely if we had a sever website for modern times godly country know we don't. Allied these answers are telling round one stop shopping but that's my job modern times emerge but not in time off and we are now he's probably on it well. By you know they've done that it's just that Casey had plotters left LA scrawled Casey Harris cocktails and she has taking your. What are your cold brews lovingly in many cocktail out of it. No it's normally offensives to put anything in modern times cost because it's so amazing on its own banks selling guess there was alcohol you forgive me absolutely and so what we have here I'm calling it an ST morning because it's celebrating some of my favorite things about San Diego one of them obviously being modern times. Any other being cut water spirits. Magic age and their stuff so admittedly doesn't know cut water is the new name for ballas points spirit he's the artist formerly known emphasis Dallas playoff experience is not hot water. And so what you have in front of you is like four ounces of beer cold brew coffee from camp. And and then a mixture. We've got an ounce and Africa or China food move I'd get up and wanna announce it's nice they're spice strands nice three sheets. Half ounce of liquor 43. And a little bit of cream and asked tech Chocolat bidders. Trailing and alcoholics start to your morning coffee this site predict this is like good friends you know from hell yeah it is I am never drinking and other white Russian again yeah yeah yeah tell you this this is a good substitute for a white rush and it's creamy it's size leads you on us and what's nice about this is that you can panels are the sweetness to it I actually added a little bit. Temporary or syrup here. But you can move just out a little bit of cream and get more that bitterness to it I just find that the dimmer brings out a little bit more of the flavors of this by ceramic actually. Kind of highly didn't bring it up but. Yeah you can adjust this when your liking it's it's. Pretty rad in case you check of the video regularly check of the video anti PC parts cocktails dot com or yankees he hurts cocktails on due to very instrumental is. A rock girl happy on OpenId when I support a leathery Nabil Al houses last Israeli Mission Hills and the reducing oil how's the saucy growth in the Katie it's Jeremy let me tonight is always. Our craft beer evangels mr. Kim rightly that Casey and Casey are cocktails. She brought dead the boy along with their mr. nick who has been speaking out as we've been drinking that. Modern times and yeah Michael Dan we've got dared we've that bill say that a whole bunch of different Beers and copies of it and take place. On February the eleventh as this are you doing this at the Loma land territory right film. Dare tell matter he's spot. So we're actually doing it at the fortress of gratitude. Which is a 120000 square foot building with a 20000 square foot outdoor space. Located across the street from the sports arena on Kurt street at 3612. Is that a little yours ranges ranks just literally mine and I known it OK okay. I just wondered you guys in isn't a modern times spot will be doing a lot of barrel aging stuff there humbled and probably some private event things going forward but it's not gonna really be open as a space percent. It's gonna ever witty room. It later on the fire can. Including the cutting out your assured symphonies date and time OK on February 11 floor. Definitely an interesting and again in May slam fest I'm sorry I tend to store that was physical functioning that we may twentieth. Look at save this date everyone nobody else knows about thing in the you heard your first taste and other items from the UN. You know Brandon Hernandez going to be really mad I mean they have the exclusive on the release of that day. Oh well but. I find this beat Ellis is on making enemies while we during our last beer are in what have. We got in front of us because so far you've you've killed us with the nitro black house with a coconut Coker and at the end the pore over coffee guys brew DC of the dead. These in the Casey carts cocktails with the that the cold brew black house senate. What are we ending with I mean. Really so we talked about marriage and copy. So that's why and it's tired doubles teeth with it's actually barely to cells we balance those teeth first and then we add the Bailey is confident that man. Clay barrel squarely on barrels. Do you all the barrels of this beer and make so it's it's it's it's all of barrels won the last. Okay. Sit down and Harry are busily filming what makes this Beers a special. Other than the fact it's been barely twice. Though about area has. Now he's and those teeth as what so into being an imperial stout Lazio are monsters park. And Els tee instead originally it's kind of a hybrid between being an old Jalen imperial stout sensory get a lot of effort nodes in in coming amid how they're really just. Blend well the barely coffee suing you get like fudge marshmallow then you get all of this kind of linked to our fruit. Like sometimes they'll think it's unfair and then you get like a little bit of the men's cycling comfy like. Little row some back to let him what do you know AVV on the spears one million. Well haven't yet a little lemon OK am glad to have a very short fourth catch. Beer tasted dangerous because there's so much depth of flavor to it. That it can't be lonely BV I agree with the label. It is B witching only delicious. Weird admirable but managed through. Server thing yet he has I think you're in your weird add herbs and bombs or weird at verb thing. All right I think we're done let's give the government and B let's end with some. I I think Jeff hill called this over a new cap to be fired the man.