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Friday, February 3rd

A night of conversation about beer and Brewbies


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That's as loud as it gets man thank you Jeff McMahon this guy's got big hands. I'll let the listeners. Had their imaginations run wild rebel and can't. Right why you have to throw at least that's awful. Head sophisticated humor yeah. Yeah we should start early morning show on the right. BR after 94 and I supported by the regal Beagle ale house and sausage real Mission Hills and the real COL house and sauces really kidding it's Jeremy. When they tonight as always our San Diego craft beer manual as mr. Ken writes. No Casey and Casey are cocktails tonight she is having date night and screaming screaming infidelities at the top of her lungs right now. She's in Dashboard Confessional. She's allowed to do one girly thing all year long this is it the god. I handle is navy and. They give the guy who's like really hot. Fifteen years ago who front Dashboard Confessional now he looks like you know he's one of the panhandlers go like me yeah and it looks like they're. A must be carrying me. Well it seemed to get a full house tonight in for a very good cause the eighth annual ruby's craft beer festivals going to San Diego February 11. Ebony and every year it bag we Beers of course. We've got Jeff and dandy bag be welcome no Lou I don't think we'll let Danny do all the talking because you're the strong silent type in my own she brought a beer and like yes yes it's finally there is well sensor. Otis sit here and ovals but got Melanie from ruby is another year in the studio is so good to have you this again thanks for having us you've been very busy over the last year icu everywhere doing burn movies stuff in your just kicking butt and taking names sister. Trend I mean let's see you guys did releases donated what over 275000. Dollars to keep abreast at this point he asked. And our. Have you sit in my prayers yes I think they'll let you sit and yesterday as the website. If this affects the website yet. We'll get into rubies and and why we should go to the Bruce festival week as we have more guests in studios believe it or not we've got we've got Lee and Jen from automatic brewing. And the mood and do you. Okay. This. And of course the men's I just leave chase everybody in growing knows this guy he can't wait if the Fed. And created some loss exactly what she did his beer because it's it's never short process we talk about your Beers if yes generating. Halo like we can. And just talk about the process and edit read this what is this we just found her out I don't know she nowadays is Claritin I like. Clears though and our general managers and is is enjoying her first time here with us for the putt error in the broadcast does she know who has to get drunk tonight yeah. One training. Hard condolences. The league lead you'll write your homeowners bicycle yeah yeah down and I that this program talking about craft beer let's suppose there was some beer and what's so nice warm abuse think in this one. It's so we. This is a begged me beer say that she's doing. Here's silver bow to him don't come on come off if I mean six if you if you wanna tell me what's sweet ride is dead now we do do that. Thank you know you read it is 101 loggers we remain a baggy beer. It's falls in need style guidelines of probably union bills that are so not extremely hobby but. A true bloggers to six we clear. Pills are small little the Munich. All German hops. In the noble varieties sold very traditional extremely drinkable I'll light at four point 7% so it's and all day fund needs. You can add back six of them this is a perfect beer for the big game on Sunday and and yes this this I can talk and I can probably drinking keg of this violent. It's a minor functional I would agree our bills over that at your place unfortunately were nearing the into the sweet rides. Love. And back it'll be back in about so we can have to. It's also a a brilliant here to have after you've exerting yourself by walking the streets of Oceanside for. Kenny speaks from XP and I. We know we always he only speaks to expand. This Peter. This fun little project and it started gaining a lot of steam. Just from our regulars on our fans and at the brewery and so we. Started it decided keep making it and would send the energy BF a one goal last year she. And meeting exceed the bag the JBM metals bagged me. It's only go hand in hand this does get back problems from carrying. Favorite movies it's a rock real happy hour after 949 royal blood blood figure it out as we drink beer. Or breweries in San Diego that the eighth annual release festival and bagged the beer happening next Sunday. Saturday sorry Saturday I was bad too many things in my mind set eleven. Saturday yes it's also my birthday so thank you for having a fast the beer festival on my birth. I know I waited long enough they'd finally throw me one their guns as. This is the second time in on your birthday is it gas you have a better memory that I am who. I have my kids they suck everything out there and you know how hard it is to talk to a two year old. I don't well. Unless could kill a name and mode he can Dominguez of Chula Vista you've been nine minutes and forty cents a used to call us back. And click your coach Hillary scandalous talk about ruby's because for the cool things that I love about releases over the years. I've seen it evolve from what it started out as to what it is now. It's very collaborative. Nellie there's lots of different breweries that are working with you and doing. Drew these specific Beers. That's very true. There's a bill this is where you elaborate with all the different Bruce you work with like lead. I know on like the Bure about during next un it's pretty equal like broom like you said we started off super small and the first year we only had 25 years. And now we have over forty breweries and me and down 90%. Of those berries are making some things. Specifically for the fast smaller they're bringing something picking an exciting and super rad and different from the fact I'm going to Wear something pink an exciting we're not talking about your left eight underwear and feel it's going to be different this unless you Wear your nor an outsider and then took him. Who wears underwear. Anyway and Melanie back to you you were saying. And so as you are saying Mike and I just made a beer with Lee who's here. And resorted to throw everything down with that which we're gonna get in the program yes but right now Argentina never misses a beer and Ebert with DeVon. I didn't actually make severe at seven she made it. In honor of freebies it's called melons. That is the question handling and accident there aren't the only double entendre and it's a triple mental health. It's little legged it has honey do and it it really does so it's a four point 4% American wheat beer. And then she adds like fresh juice honey dew melon COM hopes Ali can now. And it's soon burn marry Melanie it is very Melanie. Me. That's right yeah see my name on green light. He fears mill and the most I was in this is a beer that you have to drink like big day that it may need right. I am that's a DeVon says she said it wouldn't. Taste the same tomorrow while doing tomorrow sushi. Juice to the honey do fresh this morning. Just specifically for our meters in her gallery down here and then next week for the fast she'll. We got super early and juice all the Mallon and and drive the two kegs downs and San Diego for the fastow and saluting taste of ruby's where we find what's the website so what's the ticket price would give me the whole scoop on. Together 45 bucks a 100% proceeds goes to keep abreast. Anything it tickets at derbies apple work. And they're still general admission on sale the Yankees thirty sold out but there's millions GA yeah. Left over all so good now awaits your nose done so much fun we always sell out after the show sewn do you know it's. It's become kind of mistake apple also had the website again through these dot alerting rock you'll have. Other radio stations after nanny for an I 63 during he would Melanie can prove he's talking about the festival next Saturday February 11. Andrew bag be beer we just had day as a fantastic. Fear from bag we we also have another beer that's going to be at the festival. From arts district brewing the Mel done this. So yeah. Hey it's that pay. Well and Julie's. I've said before a Lee chase from automatic brewing in the wind lady is an absolute beer mad scientist it doesn't surprise me that when he handed me this beautiful Cape Fear. He also handed me a very devilish looking Chile. So. I I don't even know you are with me I mean. For working people what is it like learning. So I think it started when announced that hey what do revered for his injuries fester or Zagat and we didn't really have any other ideas and that sounds cool. Well now. Like I don't make beard but I say it like to get people to make pink fear for me but then sometimes I am like get ago make it went bam but I don't know what I'm doing. I know if I'd just like try to leave it up to reverse a lake. Come up with the idea since I guess on his pleas and I don't know really what do you mean what exactly is this a beer. So this is they think Cole's style. You know. Category is boring beard Pam a little Susan for that. It's not particularly. Anything. People celebrated much outside of Oklahoma as she did this as motivation maybe it. He had the administration of course was some pink bear and my Farrah hiking and we found all these prickly pears drying. And said let's go take goes prickly pears. And Chad date legally kill ourselves. At eight he'll he'll harvest that prearranged prickly pear and a San Diego our Elaine street repair your from the and look for you coastal NBA yeah consistent 300. And though he. You painlessly and easily brew the beer with prickly pears juice to add color and flavor and got color. And sellers in I says on the matter and if so little bit of him kind of kind of lately through the pulse and strawberry kind of characters this test. It's really nice to really settle period. Of the did you see the base fear is amazing compared there's a lot of there's lot of complexity two is is not just a very one dimensional beer you do feel a bit different Sweden CO a little bit of the Hobbs. And it's it's his very clean drinking now why do have a pepper sitting next to my glasses just and so at our house we go he's Fabrice called black cobra. And there are things earlier they changed how it feels like 88 of jar full of b.s that pick. Did you think you know the -- yeah well I just lost my in the below. So the beer and yeah. I think we're coming I had two day conclusion that not too much staffers should go on this dared to you had neither can cover did. And as a black power that we're as data pretty heavy daily Al east. I mean. Tougher anti drug gloves and passion about goggles and face mask and I'm kind of afraid of them and I. I wish tightly I had a string should really just not too long we could have ever oh about thirty statistics say in this. But isn't there for a second and you're out any the whole thing telling everybody I have and you share us so they eldest of the steers. Shortly after it yesterday. And I was. Sort of skeptical that beyond us. Just because of the description it is so good. Thanks I just the base fears great but even just a tiny and I'm somebody who really love spicy food and like he now live peppers. Just and trainees. I did but not like you came yeah I got to see I didn't with a birdie. Recommend any lottery and I just out of a dinner honoring our news the beer up in a way I did not expect. Dad as it's felt after it happens themselves had a mild flavored everybody has got a lot of heat Hassan as a little tiny bit of that in the artists. Hundred theaters I see I got a so are we are you you really deadly the gonna be going to three pepper the beer for ruby's or is it will emulate this where's design your own heat level now we're gonna be American or otherwise I think there might be like real liability against Hamas is yeah like means you always need to peppered yes. Recovering well I think that it doesn't need to be spicy estimates has gradually discover how open air music you know acting Earthlink technically. Issue that people are having a knife and I supported by the reveal ale houses sauces guerrilla Mission Hills and the regal COL houses sauces are grown to kidding it's Jeremy. Let me tonight stars say new craft beer evangelist. Mr. can write that no Casey and Casey are scarred hills tonight she's off. He heard early on with Dashboard Confessional and we've got their friends and baggy here who are hosting Brody as me. I ordered that. Thanks I'll make you think your second that that is because I'm Anderson awesome video of Kenny. Yes I actually have proposed that we should not station. Twitter instant everything on the writing in saying yes that is the place you're making all eating that pepper. Not knowing you're being filmed it. And if you like a panel of the room and on and I got this. Stuck on Kenny space. Not some astute yes. Payment incident here. So I got Millie from ruby's Jeff a dead even bagging your company and Nelson got. Legion from automatic brewing in you know legal once again you you don't. Actually slavery every time you bring a beard is so damn good kid does have now have automatic brewing and veggies collaborated on some. Another that. Well well well well the world and mostly we've heard a lot of it is yeah. And the day went back and get them talking like I mean you've had Ahmed on everything I knew or no way back in the day it's. Fight this like everything I may just kind of like from links I. Insurer owns romance. Yeah you years I'm Kelly chase and his during accomplishments accomplishments earlier but he's also think the nicest human. Carlin's ever met and now. I if he's actually the only big and actually like to. Most begins our you have people who watch Peter hug. Leave this convention Honeywell and you know dancing gans. If you need care they're zero fox is given by Lee's case. In the hell yeah. And Israel news. Note to self. I think. Don't know his passion and still I just wanna put in can I put in the plug for tiger tiger asks are there because during the big game which I can say time. And that's not trademarks. I'm just. You're airing the the of people. I don't have the big screen with. All parties on. And tenure here and Deere and you're having great food and you're surrounded by like minded people I mean that is that is Austin and 10% goes to you trusted they cross is saying well. That is a great trip to England a frozen faces is real quiet out there a charity that basically focuses on all dogs. Yeah fast faces an adoption please. Handily down don't have the puppy power anymore. They don't know if they don't need it can. That you wouldn't take gold goes to its shares are really noted as. Yeah I don't mean coming out. Lesson here for the brew recess so I'm bagged be here this is. Uncharted territory correct and I got. Ever desired on the train and so what is this beard it's pink which means it's a reviews here and what it's going into enemy. Cherries obviously young and it starts to. Yeah well no no I unpacking I. Started so badly and not certainly now well it's yeah. Think we are of the land a plane for Harry's army major blow out we others. We of this. Those and blond beard little golden blonde beer for an F percent that. Didn't we didn't really like the way that came together holy crap so we this one. Decided to kind of mess when it and we were actually joking around. About truth because I think I've made maybe two fruit Beers in my entire life and just not something we are versed in there are no. Building well I guess and so anyway. We decide to go for it and so the beard. The fruit that's added that the pardon part comes from cranberry who's actually. The fruit additional 70%. Primary. 30% sweet cherry so. Now this Beers. Awesome I'm literally at any Enders dribbling out little cinema is nice now. Good players who owns the win and that even things open getting thinner than the it's Saturday hasn't made it pisses this is like gay. Post Thanksgiving holiday win every take on a beer that you can drink when it's warm outside yeah. I guess that it is not telling a funny at Christmas there. Oh yeah and that's the new category at the GB. Here you and I your I raking I didn't have any age category. Coming California honey bee. I would like yeah. Experts that we've been committed. A cinnamon tea. Along with adding their primary in and cherry there cranberry in cherry was added post fermentation. So it's literally straight you know flavor and the beer and like all fears of bag be that are meant to be cloudy it's nice and bright it's pretty from team and is so and so is Gloria now this is on the distance is this going to be a staple in the bag delivers is just one offer ruby's. I have no idea we you know it was a kind of ramble grew random thing that got it. Sometimes happy accident armor drug plans announced that it. We just. I don't know if it becomes next year we have time we have space and people wanna see it again and then why that's not what people love it. And there's a category three GBS from Southern California Christmas yeah. Yeah. My girlfriend yeah. The mayor Carolyn pain.