Rock & Roll Happy Hour with 3 Punk Ales

Friday, August 11th

A chaotic eveing of beers with 3 Punk Ales


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It's got a good head. That's five fears. I read on deals with the very very very special day why because back in December on the nine. When we thank you guys and we're going sweep through. It pack. We were going to run past your guys opening on my effort that you. Through through you today as it's happening is my half birthday so it's a I. Placed open welcome to us embassy of Marie in San Diego that much more this meter. Jobs plan because of the greats like it was just last week. Basil it was actually right of this last Friday it had actually for the general public. And it's been mayhem that had been better at this degree completion to. To very strict guys on his right after the community where we grew up as their third avenue bringing back revitalizing this. Law and the community has come up to support you all through that have been here it has been nothing but locals. Everybody from all walks of life and all of that down there revenues come here they have a feeling they get all Beagle that we. It's certain that Mexicans future draft beer with a lot. And activities that they didn't everything everywhere buildings don't open to a with the Mexicans that would be happier I know that you know don't drink. We only got it and countries craft beer with us tonight here's three months we've got Kevin Stevens Ivan at Ivan I slick and they're different rhetoric and I've seen you on which in this show. It would have more serious the cereal I think it welcome to the street from family. It's. Right back to build the southwest winds and high school. I'm but it's going to be. Toss those. I was stoked to see FaceBook posting about your hiring so I mean I hadn't found a good long time forever home although he did he go to high school level loses. Stretch. But I sure. What I. Like it when it's possible fortunately you can brew beer so it was great to them what is Amber's here really good night. We're hitting the book don't walk a block of Mexican blogger. Recruit good people at the root for the sightseers. Hey you're gonna yeah I. I'd probably don't make the yeah. I don't know had a half a lot. It's easy when he and his staff that has its. Blogger with a twist that it actually it feels like it does border between the Daily Mail and home Mexican. So it's not as much. Reading this year quick get a very subtle. I'm right there where you can you can clean up behind the southeast. Right that was infected that was not a typical. No regrets it it's a restaurant there was something has awarded over public let me blockers they think it's time to. Who are these everybody likes where he's generally yeah. Like yeah like I've been here. I'm Cameron makes good. It was really great though is its technical skills bulbs looks. Now you are not in my leg. Whatever will I do it the rocket will be on everybody blue eyes. It's Jeremy broadcasting live from three point tails into this the pool and use lots. On the corner of third and Davidson on hold on forgot. Firfer preview Kevin has to have to lean in to talk because you don't have the headphones and actually just telling everybody who you. So I Clement your Kevin these Steve beside John as kind of strapping himself onto the side view because we don't have a Mike for him but. He can't hear what I'm saying English though so it doesn't matter which is which is beautiful things though. Look John of sporting an amazing thing it's like an entire city of San Diego and it's that yes thank. Look good didn't end there. At least I can I called this guy and I thought I feel like this moment translating for drama. Like hearing you say. That's just the hotel down. Maybe that's. Over wherever it just opened last week you guys are making them. And it appears to start off with me that is there. It is is that cold feet or any Mexican lottery the bills because we're right here right now which I'm I've tried because yourself. It's like oh what a load of ice. What load up popped balloons that. And yes it is Ivins favorite joke that he had. I think it's brand new and yet we've got the hazing ritual yes well I mean. And did an IN TC rebels were already discussed it we. Like twenty pesos just yet revenue what you're telling me that. When barrel match for you through it barrel batches and like forty pounds up pops what it on the hot zone within the actual oil there's twenty pounds. And that we drive up the good article about twenty pounds that it. No respect for. Good night lord I thought yeah. I don't know at RB every it is the hot and it every day German brewers rolling in his grave right now yeah if you wanna college aid. Since tonight yeah. Eight ball deep team as he and you don't look like man. Yes we. Let's. When he pounds. Oh in the oil and when he that's right don't end. That is the basis and we wanted to go out there with a preview or pops. That's. It's you'd better not sit there is no bills that are. There's a loser and it's partly at the mall it's. Yeah you actually it like there are. Who else had a little peanut gallery at dove yeah. And I didn't get so that is the case then come on man let's go to my back like I did you know we are the reasons you. That's right. We're hoping to do anything we can do anything. That's negative opening you guys just open reasons but you've been brewing beer will want it now how does that work. We're we're really honored drunks that's no little slip that you are rolling green hills app budget. Incidentally it's. We got news actually though alternate right now on my thing but we actually as a whole emperor goes. What might be years if I'm home. Five gallon what's gonna be slightly its speed seven that we actually got experience that built it and there. Revenues. That imperiled that development but we actually got to get it to that level and now only happened to get a recipe. Our. We actually do start our bats is that eleven point five barrel bats and if embryo at that this is a lot of man here here I don't know and honestly I don't have into the fear attitude that ID number or he'd. Lori beer we get to do whatever we want. We. Want. There yeah. There are a lot of hot in this mills there right now but it's clean news. I know why it's always going to be United States and. Wash uncontrollable walk from bad really to Morocco half yards of their diplomatic Jeremy broadcasting live. But the heart to all of this that there in Davidson street a brand new lottery evil cult response ale with me tonight as always are San Diego craft your evangelist was in right. The right too far. This show going on tonight is kind of what we're here this little pre party going on for the stinky this shooting in the line Jimmy Eat World show. I ships here are standing behind you right now meets next week's SW. ET to 617 or kindness generics may apply you have a chance at going to shoot it. If that still interesting if not well then we've got a couple of Beers to talk about is we've got seventh against Steve we've got Ivan and Ivan I speak not as the madam Michelle late. I just signed his. Just signed his deal as a brewer with this place went 48 hours ago maybe. I don't worry about it about a week and regalia this and I have. It has been on this indirectly through a couple of movies before he's never said this month and while we're playing. That means that I hear things and it is now. That H shot me and he would be mechanics she doesn't he he is their new. Marketing director and just. No I just you know I keep. You get that the Mexican out of this now again that without the president. Is back in his little home turf that the L Florida but he probably and I think we have locked out of the he's doing all parts PSAs could become popular media about six years. I that's my love life until the moment it's it's it's a joyous homecoming and I cannot wait disease in the Peterson. This place well what we do as we do. It is that it leveling which of course it did hit it. Why it's been a little off here and like. I mean it did your iPod. Against them but he was the only united we're gonna love that it wasn't hardly look like they're guilty to market these. Yeah. Just know we imagine that's all I had to go and I thought of everybody ask you completely dark beard out please. I just want to. Still coming. Album period of great home now we're going to double this design Palin ahead. I hang hang them. I'm mistaken as Kevin I imagine this is still your recipe now until I didn't makes it yeah. That is present. Why isn't it true. Yeah. He's our. We've let that fear that we're. Started yeah. It is. But let me come back at blitzer you're doing that seven and a half. You about your week where we're gonna raise in an elite and that is the middle of the rain delay located. Little bit multi. Which we got to work on but I mean for us it was just has that beer that's. Almost that easy questionable. Double I believe I can actually say that without going. Output without going to multi Q alcohol has that perfect balance. I don't know what's going on now this list. Weird. Oh whatever you know it is well is this the hello my also gorgeous but it's going to be based on the court. What's in. There right and not enough you know I don't think is that enough time. Green and victory moved here especially at eight week. It was a statement tonight. We're down. Barack Obama want to go right. It's like the. Single. Happy article that before and I the only program on radio. You can get away with wolf the things you've got away with the nightmare oh my goodness you know I think the funniest thing about this this. Ivan has scared both Bo and I don't know what. It's yeah I mean how did argue with the government employment because. I thought. Find out. Now I actually you know back I would wish to have anybody that's on the radio I'm sitting there it's not fly at night before. The lives of kids as it is right here is that the we just wrapped that the needle in the hay which is they go and we'll look at WNBA we have the IP enabled the morning after pills. And we started off with a a very light. Ill Mexican style longer yeah started on like three of those little yes I was at 2 o'clock this afternoon yeah we'll look at us. Look look how far we understand yeah. Lord have mercy we got one more here that fun. Yeah I mean I've accidentally you know white pop that. Scared. Why didn't I I don't listen we welcome you into the thing Hogan. I'm ready to my wife and my truck is ready. Apparently been in the work on Monday because and I'm figuring he'll soon there's a apparently hype it is running gun right. Now right yeah you don't have to make the headlines that that it remains quite the way America. You know event that and well you could amount shots into an eagle putt at the Packers got that I actually. And I debated these rules this. All right the fear this. As the streets and threw them on the lips. Although it is home and us sounds. The wrong with the life. Only that but opting for them beard you know one out. Know about it I'm not in any movement that is my favorite here oh my god it's as if you like the like countless Jones you. He. But the you know I've only left. But the water right here crowd but it with a they'd get both those guys. Thank you Bradley and beat him. You'll see an excellent. Thanks is that it. And you know what you make these Beers and the I had that interview. And like it but it's just don't have the good news again because nearly a thousand. What about happier today. Joy and yes we're here and news is that the mental part of this. Record available to you you. Definitely I think it lights he's the little but tonight.