Rock & Roll Happy Hour with AleSmith Brewing

Friday, June 2nd

An eveing of drinking with AleSmith Brewing Lead Brewer Anthony Chen


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Tonight should be our little. Jorge invaded Iraq in all happy are never known before and Jeremy would leave tonight as always our San Diego craft beer event to a mr. came right. Here red rocks tonight out of Sierra red rocks are the music boxer side hit the two of them confused I don't. Yeah we didn't have tickets to see petty or something yet you know didn't like couldn't afford the airfare though. It has stub hub known Larry you know I could actual bus ticket man the bus tickets in my mind you and I well I'm I'm stunned by your trip to rid drags him immigrant. I'm very glad you're here with me tonight long time the craft dear friend at the -- and with us from -- Smith. Welcome to the program banks haven't thanks for having here good to have you here we're gonna drink a whole bunch L Smith Beers denying talk about what you guys have been out doing now. I really really really really wanted to beat some information that you about the whole sublime collaboration. Ian but yeah it's all it's the and sort all of its pink yet. Bloggers men what do you do. How were you part of the growing process in the collaboration process of that beer. Yeah wells prion there's not quite a few less action the whole team is part of bring process we've done. Now for variations. Pilot bashing before we moved on moved do you have do you practice centurion. Pakistan Syria but he got no crystal ball now. Yeah Donald Trump's got a crystal ball he hit pictured in Saudi Arabia. Crazy in. CNET Molly in the lord and they'll let her or her hands on the or below my dad he's sitting their with well. On the day payments are men and you know Putin took. They're all there. How do we get up from this tension about the size is really a lot of weed before tonight's show coherently you'd dead and cities and stuff. Wait that's what are the air yes we're on the air force hardly. This is high quality programming their candidate. This is why we only then come out once a week and once the food one of the things dale Smith has coming up that we should probably talk about. Well that goes along with our persevere I know we're we're gonna drink some of the stuff that you'd be releasing tomorrow. But you've also got in this month he really cool. Benefit run coming up the Tony Gwynn five and half cake. It's a walk run and benefits the same foundation that all your San Diego pale three and four pale ale benefits and thus. That's crept up all the three and four products industry to tank and tags agree foundation it's to Tonioli should Gwynn foundation and the way it does is. They focus a lot of on serving the underserved minorities in two knees and just makes pitchers they keep kids off the streets. So the five point five K that's on the June 17. This year. And it starts and ends at L Smith it's who is starts and ends and a brewery I love America there's this company killer saying he SO LP Daisuke wants you can buy in and get their seat to. Two miles and you wanna stop you know allow him back when I was a thinner mandated drink so much craft beer when I would run long distances one of the best things to drink when I got done. Was of the year it is. It is aimed magically restored a beverage is I mean your real reverent and ten miles and his BWAY. I'm so done drinking beer like we go I'm deathly hydrate quicker with beer you do there's more but there's electric lights and winds at times are centenarian. And you got hops which are. To see if is this 394 beer man this this is legacy and Eagles favored I mean today what is not to like it's it's. Yeah tribute to mr. San Diego themselves he also had him in the brewing of this beer mean that he original recipe right he did yeah he came by and he he tried all the ill ills appears he wants. Did you meet any. I didn't meet Tony only Peter met Tony distributors at the top of the totem pole. Is you know high yeah yeah a point person so hopefully gonna need it you still Ella. There are it was a big secret is you guys did not talk about. We the development of this beard and it no one knew that you guys are doing this until you launch the practice came out of nowhere. That's true yeah we we didn't really want talk about just yet. Seeing as all our other Beers at we collaborate we do a lot of variations before a lot especially before we release something. So let's really 394 today it was hoping to bring in the hall of fame which is in paralyzed merchant vessel were actually in the release. To India five point five K run and actually if you sign up it's worthy of only packages you can get a ball. Three days before the release party Australia. Hey you know that'll motivate you to get out thousands are walking this beer on itself. Amazingly refreshing really light. It's it's got a great hop profile that's got a great finish this is one of those Beers this is that. I hate to use the term because it only has so many negative connotations it's like gay drinking Beers thinking if I'm gonna start. Drinking at 11 o'clock in the morning I'll start with this because I know by 3 o'clock in the afternoon amok and obviously. But you know here's the thing to you if you're at like a bar or restaurant current. In the bowling Alley. Or can south storm left coast yeah or no club through any fourth of cardinals get this on draft there you go he's got good hands. Craft beer geeks love it. None craft beer drinkers Lovett and is just an awesome beer and and again part of the proceeds go to the bank match. Which is saying is mr. San Diego himself made a beard it's fitting for San Diego yet. You want to keep it light that we can't and even that Sanyo hobby kick him but but I'll call to 6% but kept it might. Drinking your own video touting this goes for you there. Ten how many times have I told you don't give me riddles when I'm trinket. I really is bad to match. Hadn't. What was that really and as like twice in moment in once in a minute what is. Syndrome when it happens yeah once in a minute and twice in the moment I heard this at the dog park last night in May make entered. Anthony you're Smart guy immediately brewer for dale sees it early is to wheel of fortune maybe nailed it. Yet the answer is whether it's and Atlanta and. I. I. Owe them. Since he was Smart this is proof that Deere makes its mark. A street is the rocket all happy aren't affinity for knighted Jeremy drinking whether San Diego craft your vigilance can write. And it leads were from sales that bring it in each and start up the program. An amazing beer at 394 CD of pale ale like well a mile low with tiger did say I'm sorry I just got a whiff of this beard chair me all lied. We'll get to that the second law start up program with the three and four San Diego pale ale a collaboration with Tony Gwynn and notes that if you are via the active mind or if not the act of mine if you just wanna give to a good cause and I gonna have some fun. Was some like minded individuals who like craft Beers. L Smith is in the Tony Quinn five point five K June 17 it is a walk slash run says he can walk or run yet. You don't have to do the running dead end and dog friendly itself. It's a dog friendly controller friendly you can penal and we. It starts at a brewery consider very and then there's like a brewery at the halfway Boeing Amber's. And then uses the the whole thing about the 394 is that it all goes to benefit. Tag. Tanked it which it's give back to the community in what was it again that is back to underserved minorities and communities. Just areas where they need more help. With just program that's everything to tested three and four that's when you buy a beer that's when you buy a pint that's when you buy teacher at cracked proceeds go back to that organization. She for the five point five K yeah. And if we wanna get more details what's the website website is Tony Gwynn five K dot org or you can now we get into what you're smiling yes I'll man. Yeah it's it's not my finger. That the next few years than numbering is I spew this this or trying to now's ties the lease out it's gonna want to release tomorrow this is what released tomorrow. You and mrs. variations are one of a quarter variations of steely self. With coconut lemon grass dangers lime and Basil it is heavenly this is turn around lava Atlantic. There's also there's there's an. This like little my goodness I'm blushing. And to keep the tradition we I'll play. Thai copy so wheels get coffee you know 22 in respects of whatever were making so this is this action Arabica in from Thailand north. Area most society yet from times robust more Mora. It's it's it's it's you know it's lower. Adam when they go lower elevation coffee. And higher elevation gives you a smoother actually this is this is higher elevations around the US has the goods does not the robust yet got it. You know like mountain grown stick with it at them by Fidel Castro himself he. So this is an amazing twist I mean you get so it's funny because the Coke and you get in the nose. You get in the mouth feel and you give just a little silky smooth this from a select the coconut is acting like. What oatmeal would do in beer but do you get a little bit of that sweetness from Latin. Yeah only a couple of offers a lot lately putting animals every part of the process hot site pulled side. And both put it out. He opened a hop back over that a pops and whatnot and so it's it's it's it's like a bed made out of coconut and hops in and young adults on the back is it's like they they they load of this kennel with hops it's a tertiary vessel. From the whirlpool after whirlpool east now all the protein that and then you spray it over. But ops and this case Africa it's like a Randall before it goes tonight he had carbonation iso basically informants Yi so they have still residual heat from the beer and it. Everything's moments you may know he animate. Again it's been it's been a few seconds and say I I'd like to a swing at this and now I'm getting a little bit of herb patience and student you know as possible and not gonna get one obviously more than fatalism. Two man. Oh my goodness is a spiritual. Now this is part of your rebuttal released tomorrow you can get balls 11 AM. You'll Smith. You opened write ups and is playing doubles just assume that I see another four or a bottle we gonna get into the next we will yeah the next one will be a price barely cracks a thousand. You know encountering an article over the last couple of days and I know it pertains to nothing of what we're doing right now it. Since we're talking about tequila offer area you know tequila is actually linked to weight loss. Not that we need to worry about that of course well Heidi thing I've managed you my girlish figure only see each out you Drake Berman and Beers Q well. Tequila in between the it's gonna know you're well rounded you keep everything together in a multicultural guy it was an. You're both happy hour and happened before 93 with their friend and that each and from Ailes and it lead brewer has brought some fantastic beer stir up program. With the 394 San Diego pale and then of course we had to go big tie speedway. So. Amazing and I'm. Tomorrow at 11 AM. Tomorrow and AM the ball sales start you can go pick up your ball there's all of this available still saw it yeah how would those Beers that. Is gone when we Drake hit nine now Leo yep yep labels on ties be leased on a private stock. Apparently each to those sixteen private stock that's a must be in my cup right now private son who SO this one's a daily version birdie barely each version mark price on block turn and also a lot of raise dogs just complex sugars just an area of low lately he's putting. And so this beer it's this is plant said earlier desire a warrior in competition this wins. World beer cup great American beer festival silver's colds is take. I believe the gold of 2015 version. What ticker. Gold at singing or it was a DOS finalist at east Indian Kashmir now a little guy I've known you for awhile now and it's since at the 2009 this bearded used to be called private sock this used to be called your old right threat. This is he's become old oil. I think. Along for the consumers were packing p.'s nominee you'll know what an old tale is try to show you spared. Yeah well it's a non date of this. As usually happens with and verse translation desist you know it they have different wording does it sound as bad. But we re fans I'd stock deal the right it's east people deal mail. Home my goodness you Rome on this is amazing and just the the play of the flavor profile on I mean I can begin to describe I like it you know it's funny because I've got a couple of very old bottles of Thomas hardy's. Again this. This is yet seemingly wildly. This I think has had a writer complexity to it that it's amazing this is like a Bergen. This taste like history I I I really just. I want to take a little orange zest and drop the cherry in it and call little fashion it is admitted it's kind of got dead dead Kara milled dark fruit leathery goodness dude it's skyline of complex missile launchers and it's like the tie speedway and bottles of this available tomorrow 11 AM at the very giving young draft and also oh we have he'd. 2015 version on task if you wanna try it oh well with little did you do anything weird on the cast did you we trapped deep too many weird things on on our barely stuff just as it's our special itself but we will have orange acts on cast as well. And that's something will talk a little later on all we allow weights. Never mind. Loose early still and the rock at all happy 7949 brown sugar and James Brown sex machine to go with. The L Smith yeah. Private stock ALO 2016 that will be released tomorrow at L Smith 11 AM. Along with a beer we had a before that their tie speedway and no event bright tickets needed showed to the Vereen future models. They are amazing also stirred up the program with a 394 San do you pale ale a amazing amazing beer that goes to a good cause it's also tied into something. That deals with the be doing June 17 beat Tony Gwynn Ivan half K walk run now. And that he said it's animal friendly. It's stroller friendly. It starts at the brewery it ended ever read what forty in its beer drinker friendly. That'll be a beer garden afterwards. He had hang out so I saw is it's got out what's apple could everything at a recent wins the headliner for of the light music. Awesome coming out with something and then I believe we have the we have east which is neat. Entry by the home brew club off. Well coiffed cloth named band after your beauty heavy bag is actually a style. Odyssey as you have a week that you have a Wii and all ills that we had. OK okay and we any. Well we're having all this stuff going on I mean in addition to the you know sublime the that you guys have coming out of the collaboration needed and of course he didn't bring in Latvia. And sorry it's still elements earnings still call hearing still cooking at blogger says it and two because of the Bud Black guy's job and flush the law falling get. Real so I say no longer really distinct story in German something like that. Don't like dollar and China. Ask Angel Merkel you know what I'm gonna ask Anthony when we're gonna get this beer I mean I've wind can expect to finally see this on the shelf you can find this all you'll get this at the theory locally in July and they won't hit nationwide distribution to roll. Audience and double least locally will be to forty ounce balls yet. And their Elin is. Amount of it just because these balls will pose particular bottle on the website this is its us and our hearts of yeah and then everything else will be tall ounce cans and said he Japan everywhere else and at LB in August. So since you didn't bring these sublime beer wit what's this this yellowish thing in my class so. This is the other blogger that we have this is our first year round Lauder spent CL pills yeah we are very familiar with this one can you didn't you'd make this your beer of the month I I took a lot of poolside sell these million and is here. Yeah we've posted on the website a few weeks ago this was our featured beer of the month for April because it is move good I'm. This is that it's a special pills now appeals the locker Reitman essar now there's there's there's. And trashing this it's fashionable. Now that there's there's other Beers that Tay select is that art called pills and kindred that the think. It's it's blowing me it's that there is another style of beer that slightly heavier Vienna loggers here I'll amien bloggers yet here in Munich bloggers and yeah I mean there there are so variations of the same kind of family everybody's trying to do and that the hopping it's varies. And there's tons of sulfur elements and some of them the Maltby a character you're in them and discussion during. So the episodes are German salt pills that are this one has a loot of hops and off very clean your very dry. As host of leukemia and version which is more Fuller bodied some. East character you're uses a lot of West Coast typical Hopson noses all German German hops and illustrious not noble hops. Can't disclose that what we're using but if the volume and how we all I don't know we'll measure does how towel. Come on you she's from right here tonight he knew he striking out yourself but what's really chasing as we actually in. When import I guess you can say imported water. From the Miramar plant. On that side of near the Palomar plants. Our point of testing soft or does he can't get it right right he can't get it we'll have a reverse osmosis is some so we actually. Brought in some water they'll iron soft I mean they're keeping a bring this beer is keeping the waterproof water softener the minerals very low so you can actually down. Treat the flavors that is what is he says put pills jurors on the map in the nineteenth century is that they were brewing at this very very soft water. You know English water Islam or calcium carbonate unit you know suitable for viewing your bitter rails but. And uses so news every time Hebrew the spear you get erupted Palomar get water commit a lot of work we're working on that actually beat the truck and in. Truck and they had as long hose up they go from the shipping docks are real world. As well and no air Mike is off just gonna end there right now. And that we probably should maybe star next song at last free tickets number code word is bacon if you regard the fair to. Make NBA CEO and the 61749. Messed veterans may apply. Let's go for click. That is Bad Religion and a walk on San Diego's alternate definite before I funny we talk about awash with them because a wac is why we're drinking with their friends males that tonight Anthony Chan Lee brewer here. Bring some fantastic Beers and of course June 17 muted now they're doing their Tony Gwynn five point five K it is they walk slash run. The benefit tag which does amazing we could also skip. Treat this or so on terror if you wanted a I would love a five point five K solitary and UNS and planning and so with with my two kids that that would actually be something that's worth face looking live radio equipment and we've said these special pills. The barely H private stock ALO 2016 the tie speedway. And the 394 San Diego paled those those two guys talked about the tie speedway and the barely its private stock deal if you do you models of that. Those you can only fine tomorrow at the brewery 11 o'clock show up cash in hand because right there. Those two Beers doing and in this is worth it I mean I I I rarely would stand in line to get a beer. To those that don't lie you would stand unlike -- let me let me let me explain EU but when when people like put their sleeping bags as they be first in line to get that bottle release. This is worth it. The both of those Beers arduous sodium good hands down. They tie speedway to mean I'm already thinking about another glass of that and what was the APV on the by the way your little percent yeah yeah OK yeah yeah they're actually coming asinine that I privacy is not galas like twelve finish. College. And bullish. I'm a strong I'm glad we're ending of my favorite beer and because you know many people ask me on the couple what's your favorite San Diego brewery. Hands down ten times out of ten it's going to be a Smith even be asking what beer than I would drink the most of its acts. And that's just because I've seen him do it so damn good yeah why does bear some good. So x.s our original extra pale loyal what we did with this piers we just focused on my in the hops shine. Tony back the mall so the difference between this that there thankful which in our city a pillow is. That being forced a little more of small forward low IB's but this one. Similar but a lot drier. But different hop profile a 384 has more for tropical new new world flavored but the X these traditional TV American sutures and pines so. You know society call our original session IPA but you know but it's a pale oil. Great food beer by the way if I'm you know panic Kerney to snack shack and I'm in the pork belly app in the company's stock. There's an auditory to of this summit table Obama during at all because this I mean everything people with you put the Fries that you with the car need is what this. You put the pork belly and so they put on their. And this is the beer that I think really defines the scene yea your style. Of pale ale and announced you put this in Cannes to right we. Actually put this in six pack balls. We put the orange X in Cannes censor what I'm we have we have two versions of the lounge. Orange X yet so it all comes our as a Randall. You know we have our renal system. Every Tuesday and in that that's where you poem beer through another vessel that's filled with its some sorting Koreans right it is between that between at bat handle indicate there's a vessel. You can put hops and they can put any angry is in peace and extra flavors and get some you know you've basic treat a new year. So this one had oranges orange peels it and it was such a hit that we decide to can it. So we do have six pack cans but we actually just released six packs on balls next to us I think about two months. On that yet no fooling me and this is the year and I cannot wait to go home and eat some. Yet if you use a little while the alcohol and diced and weigh in he barely private site Gail that's what 650%. Twelfth that the rights the label since Lou. Labels say a lot of things jerk because. Just labels. I trust you and me we believe everything we read. Was the Internet going Kathy Griffin. Zoom zoom zoom zoom speeds and I'm going home.