Rock & Roll Happy Hour With Breakwater Brewing

Friday, May 26th

An evening of drinking with our friends from Breakwater Brewing


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Can you know he prayers god help us. So a couple books please oh my goodness. Did he put on the rails is her doctoral happy are have been ready for it's Jeremy let me as though a third San Diego craft beer evangelist mr. Finn right. And then we've got a whole roomful of people that. I don't even know phony introduce you to do you tell an ocean side in the house. I don't know I don't know ready quiet all of a sudden that's why am worried I know I think the calm before the storm maybe our friends from Bridgewater bring with us tonight. We've got rich daddy here it's evening and that your buddy's name because there's so many people yours now saying there run there is this team on image and it was. The front desk here as well and set an attendance go everybody's body and he went like with us and we've had apparently where brick whatever goes they always bring the party. By the way hello to the tasting room that's listening to the program right now as well. He says Elton known include. Is he doing mystery guest in the afternoon before and now tonight we drink beer we talk about the enormous speech you guys just did. You re launched re you refresh to revitalize the break water tasting room. When the grand reopening celebration last Friday in. With that I've. Knew that paint jobs in new furniture may be and five brand new Beers you world as well. We actually kicked almost five veers off and bottom all of them and within an hour each release them yet you run really well. Yeah and bring any moment. Focus the world on everybody panicked when you run more grit pleasure to know there was a specific media rich this really doesn't help. So I think it I apologize I applaud your sold out of all five of those Beers none of those five years game. No we brought another great CX through. You know Jeremy go dogs are crying because I think diesel supplies I'll take so it to you went what five Beers. Did you create that we don't taste. Oh we did a bond deals junkie smear without cue some credit too which is Mexican blogger with a little bit of Q comer flavor which is really really nice to have. We took an addition of our run about style which is a coffee shop that beer we add cinnamon and Vanilla to that now Lindsey Graham. We added mangoes to an American and American pale ale that will also went off very fast. And we had some pineapple to another our DNJ which will be tasting yeah and one life that would that was fun. And we did a ride on and we do this a little bit differently we actually added rum soaked oak chips and had a lot key lines that its economy to turn it into a rum and cokes it was a little it was interesting but a lot of new order ordering in Iraq. This doesn't taste like beer but I'm glad to hear the last of flowers is nice to take something as little bit more of cocktail you know right Jones and Ryan Braun in all this begins listening out there. Well we're gonna actually try it later on the program but let's start off like you mentioned. Bandied us yankees that he's your Mexican laundered. And it's they'll twist that right yes we currently use local Meyer lemons that we zest into it so it's. I came up with the idea a couple of years ago when I was drinking episodes ago. And I was kind of like you know I would really like to have a craft a version of of the Mexican blogger. And not actually have to put somebody else's lime or lemon into and I wanted to start off that way because I'm not a big fan of having somebody fruit my beer. I like to start option and I think I agree except for his own beer and that if I'm gonna put fruit I'm gonna do and I'd rather you not do it so I get over this and it's that worked out very well and people seem to. You don't let that Meyer lemon do it it's a male war. Kind of the flavor than a lime wouldn't you say it's a little bit more this week to attend but because a lot of times people see a Meyer lemon and actually with a tiny orange. But it's actually the lemon it's the little sweeter is not let the song is it looks like a huge irons. Just so excited at Mellon. So planet toyed sunny LA Canada house yeah of this incredibly refreshing I imagine you know for a memorial weekend you've got a lot of this untapped. Rally is ready to go oh yeah oh yeah I would went on and code through almost too much of it this week and open our minds are gone. Oh win YouTube and use yankees or break quarter brewing it's the rock and happy are from 949 its chairman. But is always or San Diego craft beer evangelist we've got the whole crew running deep from re wondering ocean side. You're. They're beer tonight to argue about there their grand reopening it happened last Friday joining us with some Beers the night. And what's where exactly we find you know Oceanside rich. We're right on scene is just wants one block south of mission literally one on one north coast highway you know what's funny about. That is about two blocks walking walking distance to the Oceanside pier empathy caller hello yeah. We're here to you who wish to join Arnold thinks you're. Should come and have a beer before they go to your sponsor. Hey that's my my good luck dance then do what we're hearing everything before nine shell is like on the break water. Before the show I have Indian do you JIP. And then also have the Fries pizza and it looks crazy when they ask what's the friars pizza at elements of mustard based pizza. With sausage and effigies and soul literally people cumulative three heads but I tell you try it. You cannot judge me dammit I you know I tried it for the first time tonight is wonderful thank you. We converted. Do have it do question breed Jaime could be trying to with the spicy mustard BC I've gone both ways long OK I would too easy way ahead against a navy team that my game gets us a mixture. About it when your fantastic fears you guys that maybe the Yankees are asking you admired women that would you do you exe solitary thing. Mean he's that you added it inspired from drinking Pacifica. Mom and you know I've I've been known to belittle the line and that all their rights except in the ocean and crazy I just I go with some beginning T is that I involved. With salt and just ought to two blocks west yup planning insult. Why cancer and nobody amounts at that point. All right so. On the street drinking by the ill at ease with animal opened you'll get these ultimate call it. You'll like it too well you know running down the streets of Oceanside has been known to happen while drinking I was gonna say he had been there done that and it's what's nexus one's mouth and funky. This is actually the calculus. Him so this is an American pale ale a classic American you know I'll smells of the main. CN about a pale ale however we actually use. Cal for caucus art amnesia and it's California war would. The snow until active properties to open it's a local sagebrush and it's something he could have Mary Carey unique flavor to art and easy is a siege. Well collapsing coastal city coastal siege. That this is them. This is kind of it's reminiscent of late he did. 395. There's a little bit like 395 from from Edinburgh and yet they're actually using. So age though bright yet the art in these united tree sage. More closely related to warm wood so. Yet geez I have this urge to cut off my year old. Okay who got reference kids. I asked us to history nerds got it. So I'm I'm curious what what inspired you to put like warm wood in a year other than the fact that you were. Hi after grass and one decent. Think you know I I would love to say that. This was this is one of my recipes it's one of the recipes that we do as a company and it's one of our best sellers it's an amazing beer. But it came from. A hop shortage that happened around 2008. And and they Ber at the time was trying to explore new horizons on how to add bitterness to the beer. Without using actual hobson's. Bit weird is hops shortage. And this is actually how that evolved. And people of loved it's so much since that. The Israeli. The people on earth he didn't let's do it was on this period journey when Lou in this. I think he's going to be honest beer journey as old life you know. My world is located just down the street from you guys is not you know it can do not talk about your favorite Oceanside hey yeah. It's a quiet moment. Yeah. It is there iGoogle happy hour yesterday before and I it's Jeremy we'll meet tonight our friends rate water Bruin we've got rich we've got Danny Garrett Bryant Steve Mindy. Put that gonna miss anybody who got everybody. All the important people are good at that I'm not important net and eagle on ten as this and you're always there yeah I'm somebody's got to make the fart jokes. Have we got great waterway varying greatly. The I don't know bomb bomb knee isn't that the heads event as the Beers and then tonight already been bandied does yankees. The Cali Kush and of course you know. Richmond city the five brand new Beers that you guys did for your remarks last week saying I'm bitter anything you heard they were good. Would have been nice to try at least one problem Lisa did you hear unless that person yet. So that's just what comes to. Truer words never spoke which you know your bad percentage really really really good beard. And it Falun drinks and your beer you guys are right in Oceanside it's hard to miss you ran up a coast highway. And with that history there seagate CE. Negative events policy is usually sit back. Okay the streets of new picnic. But you have no ideal went in my head so this next week. Weird wood will winters and definitely probably my favorite rate what are beard has been four earned the seeds of times and this is your flagship beer. It is our flights at what what designates a flagship beer. It is they wanted to every dollar. It's look Lisa reins at best and best selling here so take a and I PA in San Diego is like bring it's and the beach what do you do to this beard to make it more different than any other right there. Other than the fact you brew it. Well we also that we we hold true to the classics which making most people actually still. Hold true what they wanna drink. There's a lot of new styles and I PA's coming out and they didn't happen the last 56 years yeah I noticed as clear with a hazy yes definitely it's a very dry you act. But it's it's still got some what we used in the brewing industry recall the usual suspects we've got some co Centennial. Amarillo and massive tree and it. So it's kind of impossible. To make this a bad bearden. As much as I love the fact that everybody loves that it's true it's that when you're using usual suspects and have the right. Grist or you have the right malts that you compliment that those hops within. You're just to make your printing money at that point you don't need to reinvent the wheel. Return is it wrong that is beer tastes like breakfast to me. I mean it I know what you're eating for breast oh yeah that is flooding in readiness is this a little fire or regular assessments of the states it's citrus he believes it is juicy. Button. Suitors but there's little juice and ran right at his notes users there's no Jews and and you know it's most importantly about it all its not easy. He's very happening here. Robinson miraculous idea definitely toward and drinking with their friends and break water for this guy grand reopening this event last Friday a brand new renovated. Require brewing in Oceanside get. Some what did you do to that place after all everything around that yeah. More than just cut it in a political facelift to break waters news. And moon and meant to address space to an up and Laura and I like that locally water local watering hole the fancy dress isn't breaking wondering what. And so yes let's walk away from this one voice. That package but in the way that. It's all right let's let that be like him and tied down tire and the wind. All right it's what do we have here it's it looks like gay is this white zinfandel that we're drinking. If you thank god rich can go this way you that's exactly. I know that that question a lot of time voters think this is just think whites and we don't know it's. It's we call press this is mean it's a it's a blend of raspberries and Avis is flowers with the heavy dose of honey. We call to me is not technically Amy because we're actually brewery. And we still have to hear delivery laws so it's Diane malt Barley we'd we have about 20% malt and Barley added to it. To make sure that we're not breaking any laws but this is actually something that is a very very. Close to a south of me that we've been caught at that for alarm peer time and it's. It's very easy for people drink it's fruity it's one of the things that a lot of times you come into like a hard core cracked robbery and you expect to have. Nothing but bitter I PA's and this is something on the complete opposite spectrum that is very sweet easy to drink Olson is Angela and you don't have to drink too much because plus you know like boy I I don't feel like my masculinity is compromise right now although I I don't know pinky list. And maybe nine point 6% Sunni as in any case. I had to just say nine point 69 point 6% does that because usable honey and the malt and Barley together. Yes totals. When when using commodities that we use on this on this beverage which is technically called a brag it ale. When you add a lot of that and you have honey which is a 100% from animal you start to get higher and higher alcohol contents at the end. The reason we actually still get head retention as a lot of me Josie don't have and retention whatsoever. We add that. Because of the protein content of all the Malta we add. It's still actually looks and tastes and feels like a beer but it's got that's weakness to with a really kills a for most people that are big beer drinker this must mean something good for somebody who's not really beer drinkers they say they'll like winds you can throw this area very popular as time and everybody that doesn't like. Here's how. OK okay. Yeah any gallery loves it didn't. Beat Hillary ladies there's anywhere to go aren't. At all with full glasses and smiles and where I found bricks through talking about breaking laws how can I not. Judas Priest Drago I. Trade is all of you. Happy are after 94 and I agree with their friends from break water bring an Oceanside. The Reza viscous mean he'd that was eight hasty tasty beverage my friends. DN JIP and for that county commission the band beat those yankees lots and lots of delicious things. Having a break wondering Oceanside not to mention you know. The awesome food the friars beat you guys that any any other little things you worked on since you're. You're revamping of the the restaurant last week. Well we're really annoying here. Ultimately everything ends meet our winter and hello my whole economy are you real quick I haven't done this to CNN. Hey keep us all that none of the champ janitors and those interviewed him in tears and another in our thoughts. And real quick shots all of our employees who work it's in. You do an effort that. Everybody puts in. 100% effort and makes this place happen. Well and granola. You young minds that's beautifully is also reminding me that I'm gonna last free to good summer code word if you go to Disneyland and then text clue. Not POE. 00 eight's like is and who bears tough tough tough. Remove the links autism or nine and generate may apply. Where was it was proven you are my way of talking about prudent though. It's. Going to be. Listeners into this week so yes we do have new menu items you stuff to eat. Brick water yeah. We are here again aren't we got it DNJ. Onion rings when it. Make no sense beer says is here battered and monitoring and on the other cotta fried. We get fresh artichokes and we also have an waving heats it's. Creation she's based. Flat bread pizza with Sam in. Capers. Onions and tomatoes maazel tough you know about me Shannon don't even look like tantamount to mention her doing cheese steak sandwich we also released while. It is pretty good the way American she's new used to let me share in the breakfast pizzas on the weekends yes and. CNN's kind of cinema when he's needed him around all right all right. All right so what's that what's his next beards or try to move gun something a little bit darker. This is one of the jams. So this is right on it is a wry brown Porter. In 2016. It won gold in the right category. World beer cup well. Tammy. Is one of the one of the fun things is they only have that every other year surrogate that have that medal for two years. Bomb this is also one of the most delicious brown males that you can possibly and ready to the it's mind and it. And it can't try this idea I have not yet let me let me see if that bears and you're just wasting everyone's time. All all all alone not mine map Fredricka. Yeah as I hear it. It doesn't wonder what's got a slight sweetness to it rose Venus coconut and you don't feel like people say right gives it spiced with the rise infused beer. I get the smooth smooth texture it's like some also lack of plotting popped it looks like. We don't know boot well you see isn't. Content is this thing you can look at it we've just got to drag it to all these middlemen in the morning it's really great yeah. So yeah don't talk to. We're gonna win. D'Amico. It's it's still 88 great delicious beer and it. What are those kind of brown meals that I think it's licensee be against more than a lot of ground males because it is a traditional here. But it's still uses a ride to spice it up which. Not try to call some people out but it does confuse some people's talents with its with its bison hot so that's kind of how we get. During his vision as them anymore and I and I am glad you guys in here every single Friday night during. The good. Great want to bring in Oceanside a great way to gig of memorial weekend with five fantastic Beers and you guys and I'll look we're still not done. Okay there is almost 8 o'clock and there's one more beer this has to beat coffin nail Likud ground. As abusive this is it's cutie aren't this this is. And this is. One of the things that this is one of the Beers that. Actually his really kicked off our whole new rebirth that we're actually going to right now. It's our new double IPA. It's got new ingredients that we haven't been able to use of the last. Eight years. It's a new style of brewing and I PA. And it coincides exactly with the new regime in the new way that we're actually running great water and a new things that we're doing is. Trying to kill us for all the customers have come in on a regular basis. This beer is much drier. It has a lot more tropical fruits to it than any of other I PA's have ever had a and it's. It's literally the beer that ushers in the new era and I'm glad to be able to do that and I couldn't do that without all the people who don't get microphones right now but they are here in this room. Usually yelling behind but yeah yeah. Background and others and I yeah that is the most beautiful Oscar speech I have. Little. The I don't know. The little drinkers who yeah. Removal of the new people you know well you know I love about this is a double life gave but it's time. Really like. Behind me I mean it's not like tackling like on sweater you know most of Libya's Goran now it is on the Walters a good way to British Russert good way to finish.