Rock & Roll Happy Hour with Eppig Brewing

Friday, January 27th

A night of beverages with new kids Eppig Brewing in North park


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Every day. Then drinks on the air. Big. I'm. Proud to be your site that has been on an odd you're here civilians in the home it's a rocket will have BR after 949 supported by the regal Beagle ale house is sausage guerrilla Mission Hills in the regal Siegel L house and sausage real in the Katie it's Jeremy would be as always my partner and hang over Saturday morning. Are seeing you craft beer medals mr. Ken writes. Casey and Casey are cocktail not here tonight because she is in the U. Being at. There's nowhere to get a swanky new apartment. Appreciate if we told everyone is dress but does I mean it's kind. Kind of led inconspicuous building and I tell you where it is you know exactly where it is she's a huge issues she'll she'll she won't be wanting for beer and energy. Let's just leave it at that we are not wanting her beer Entertainment Tonight we Gordy had a a blast the last half hour sitting with their friends from epic brewing in that Clayton we detonate and Stephanie here in the studio welcome to the program. He's had and it's nice to see if thanks for being here I mean you guys are probably the youngest brewery we've ever had on the program and probably one of these the most recognized new breweries up there right now I mean you guys were open for what two months before Dennis Blair. Puts you on tap at the edge Hamilton's which. I mean right there is that that's a feat in its own because there's some hope woody who is a bigger opinion about San Diego craft beer than that man FF I think. He's got a big opinion about everything. He's also got a big dope. No doubt stuff though stuff again. SEC level you talk about that right now at the fifty. You guys so there was three months ago now four months ago an hour north park just and it's nonsense that is an amazing amazing feat in the days have sixteen Beers on tap already that you tap room as of yesterday. And since you now. Seven but it was the find you guys you raise around El Cajon in Ohio and north part kind of caddy corner across from tiger tiger right. Tennis men as well rent the hotspots. Hot spot sandy of craft beer were Hendricks and your beer tonight and I am I we we warmed up with your double life PA which is called wolf. And you will you called it the wolf why I mean is it this is a pulp fiction reference. Panel were a little older and some guys in the game and there was a great great bow our famous bar in the north park. That preceded the world famous blue fund it was called the wolf's Ken knows about a guy live right on the core view this and thirtieth Quebec and yes I never had the pleasure patronizing them please now. And a big bring we want to be inclusive not exclusive and our friends OK so I was a regular there yeah yeah it. That sort of I don't had a dagger divides across the street you get your super tacos or 75 cents. We'd they had super tacos for 75 cents back in the fifties to yeah yeah. I don't know if it looks like about to be erect security Drake on the program tonight we're gonna start with this is fest bearden is gonna take this is a week later Nate. I don't think. So fast beer fest beer is. The style that if you ever head to the world famous October fest in Munich. Is what you know actually serve you in the big Stein's. So this this this hearings are known as mosque recruit kids Moscow's crew is that our announce it in German mosque proved must tackle could. Okay give yeah. Plug Shannon. Is out of dust at the mine is via live. Because I got a little life less vehement island at midnight that's a good fit for so this is basically something you'd find at October fast yes so it is. It exists somewhere between a pills there's a little more complex near almond flavor but still nice clean finished not as sweeter multi as a the Mars and style now. Because usually when I think you know Mars and it's it's it's darker it's more normal. I'd say it's this is like this is fantastic can you please put this and I can't I just think it's expect a woman right now. Eventually hopefully will be done I have guys do ground or pills at the at a tastier right we news' 64 rounds valor fills me at 32 ounce crawlers who goes well. It. And you do this year around and have your man zero anonymous selling Beers I can understand why this is Helen and ultra. So I'd Jessica. Did you get your money is worth a. Working hard right now the real meal at the rock real happy Arnett and before I and it's Jerry let me tonight. Our San Diego crappy evangels can write their friends from having growing Clayton Nate. And Stephanie brand Newbury at a north park Ralph Ohio in El Cajon Megan fantastic beer we trust her on the program with their fast beer which. I'm going to dream about tonight because that was a delicious beer and I'm so glad you make that. That's easily be year round because it's one thing that I always love about a round. October fest time is that you find a lot of breeze doing that beer but. Already by December dries up and it's gone down now finally get that. Assuming you're tasting room a lot with somebody and can be good thing or bad thing you're gonna dream about tonight Jeremy. You wearing something to color of this beer to. So what you none of them wearing. And a. Hey hey. This is gorgeous guys what does this. All the freedom that I get to my Alaska joining the because oh yell and if I don't don't Ronnie is real and Chula Vista nine minutes and 49 seconds to call me back. When you cajoled and cut. Now let's talk about this beer because this is a it's bill provides right. Correct this is our raspberry cherry Berlin device that's normally bode. Paler color than this is that you don't usually put the fruit in the beer. It is syrup right can it hits you you can put Woodruff serpent which is bright green. And that I really don't know what they Elwood grosses isn't Listerine. This is good Iceland Listerine it tastes like Listerine I'm told by my reliable sources though it now you guys have skipped all of that and you've put. Fruits Indy secondary fermentation of his beer. That is correct this is organic raspberry and sharing real fruit of smells amazing dozens. But the actually curious to see the faces is spells. I'm good friends next story had to lifts some you may have heard of it inspired us has been there yeah. Yes I've I've done the dragged. Brunch before and it's a blast it is a glass and a Moses and I don't remember that I just read such a good time and people to elevated things that they didn't expected to do so yeah we did that. They're so motivated so there. You. Or ruin this beer and one of the fun parts of European Aaron tuna we wanna do we are brewing beer and we talked about hey we wanna call it. Am as a single lot of Bergeron town no and who says you know our neighbors are really inspiring and and and the fun bunch of people we sort of looking up there web site. And here we are making this raspberry chaired Terry and doing advice we look up the first thing we could come Friday night's show that list is called glitz and glam. Yeah an area and its impact from south Soledad that this is a there's a really light beer very refreshing in this is probably not that strong in the alcohol right four point 1% you know. And it it's it's part but it's not. Hope he started it's like a plume yogurt the planet earth is actually what we're known for us a lot of burglarized you drink them with out. Having served Bennett they're they're very like they're they're they're like taking a full gas blast of Greek yogurt this. Very subdued the fruit comes through and it's all well balance. Yes you're you're really had a really honestly I followed Alan how I leave them alone your argument the younger blasting your basic difference. You know and Curtis. No ability. Happy Arnett from 94 I and black keys and fix preakness as we Drake. Their friends from at big broom we've got Clayton got mate Stephanie here giving way to quite savvy you're sitting in the back drinking beer or are you are responsible for getting these two home is allying. He actually adds that I just thought I was coming want to change. I'll tell us yet Hillary should I show up and says not to say. You know I guess we'll let goals in life. I I have no come back for that we've we already drink your glitz and glamour we had via the fast beer. How we started off our warm beer with your double life PA which was in the and so good so delicious so claimed I mean you guys have obviously been doing this for awhile you guys are new easy didn't come out of the garage to open tasting room. You've been you've all been brewers and other places right. And I had a script. We who claim I actually met on any bottling line of Al's point a number years ago. Clinton. Beautiful sculpture and in boxes for eight hours a day and you become fast friends because there's no one else's. Talk about bit beer and Jeremy nine metal grinder. Can these are things you talk about older such as younger blasts are passed. I think we've really created who has yeah yeah yeah. That is basically a home sag and quotes a bit but I don't think I. If it goes along with a greater thing I'd expect if it could take it this is 1040 fad to Denver this is. Oh West Coast IPA. It's quickly become. A favorite for the pages that come into our taste your wells and Diego Lou has fantastic coloring greatly Sonoma glass appreciate. There aroma is that O bomb a stone fruit tropical passion fruit. And I'm done with that president redolent of the Christmas trees and a dad dropped a tropical thinks of stuff if it's dead as a some the end of a mosaic and cascade hops it's thousand. Nice stinky residents towns but it's bounce Allison did great for some time and it. And it's a good mouth feel to is this is a clean. Easy drinking beer and the bitterness is very very subdued diet and actually. Oh I like it. Yeah SEC we you tasted it's like yeah you know it it's funny that that was a person came out of my mouth you know normally I'm just gonna make some Smart ass remark but it's like activists have been business like whoa profitable yeah yeah man I. I may end game and Tony seventeen we need to make this goal we need to use crucible last ten under the hood in the enjoyable yes crucible just sounds like. What. You get lake. It's gonna be awesome. Well that is what I'm thinking right now with the with granola. I mean this is damn good beer what is wrong on this December so ominous. I think it's an easy drink yet they got there and beat. I didn't mean to correct these Russian. I do they were having way too much funny here is the rock and all happy artists and I think when I'm presented by the your regal Beagle ell houses disaster relief Mission Hills and the real COL thousands us real Leucadia. It's Jerry would lead tonight is no way is our San Diego craft beer evangels mr. Ken writes. And we got clean Nate and Stephanie from and a big growing new kids at north parking guys in the film conferred. Three months. And then and change almost. And El Cajon and now Ohio writes. That's at big brewing dot com is the website yep and are you guys like. Mean the fact he has had sixteen Beers on tap right now and you tap for this actually means you guys sleep at all. Haven't slept in four months okay good that that it may well you have kids like mesa you understand what it is to Beasley to brush my son was born September 25 and amassed in our first fear September 28. Less sleep is more or less enjoyment weight was your was still in the hospital way. We know we went home the night before so and it was this your first or second guess that it's okay has good assets in case you're like all right and how bad is also just don't worry about this area known about it and whether her skin was like all right or we've been here for six days are we ready to go home. Yes you're were ready for you to go home because of the answer they gave you can't beat this is why I have a dog. This place is easy greens where he's appearing all right we are dog friendly and Jason was really hurt us some. All of reminds me in the trivia so don't tell me that since that is the question for you. At big brewing you know you on your website you have the history of an established in 1866. In Brooklyn. That's I made great great grandfather and his two Brothers and emigrated from Germany in the 18100. And Leonard I think may great great uncle of in the first I think very a 150. Years ago so obviously provision close them down. And did you guys just figure all right let's appropriate the family name and we're gonna open during San Diego well they actually seen business through prohibition debris incorporated as as an inner Borough serial beverage companies and that as. How does this year feel and averages serial marriages a strain they went underground it's got associated with the mobbed and kept selling their theory illegally through the salvation. This is our. Better and better they got involved with a gang Sarah named to gangster Dutch Schultz he was and pass senior analyst Doug shields he he's the guy who have. Until president you don't have concerts. At a different thing back then put it the same values are the king it's curtains fish. Think peanuts it if I thank you sure she's. Anyway except he's trying to you know. Or. A survey. Rumor has it that they gain serious force their hand and four cent to turn over the prairie in 1935 in the Stanley lost absolutely everything. And so it's been destroyed and passed down through the Stanley is something we're really really proud and this is our efforts in need and bring it back on the salary in the new capital crass. That is rads family history cool now your making beer in San Diego we've had these 1045 Denver IPA which is I am doing and also the glitz and glamour. Oh glitz and glam I should say in the fast fear which it I still can get out of my brain what are we gonna and west I mean how how do you finish on that high notes. So the last fear is our multi Porter. Both reporters actually a little bit of a misnomer it's a logger fermentation. This I like they do say that it's maybe do more refined cousin of an imperial stout so. It's nice and dark rich full bodied. He does is to proclaim chocolate bars I have so many questions from this because supporters doubt. Difference there is again. Supporters have scouts are made with roasted Barley OK so this is going to be. Naturally less cash year than today you're just using it. If I'm correct on this you're just using the dark horse and malts of its own clubhouse so now and the fact that it's a ball to reporters that mean. Aside from an importer reporters available locker is a large yeah Largo loggers some which are permanent and lower temperatures you guys are you from years of he few degrees. Whereas slow poorer. In the English tradition might being you know seventy that's kind of cool this fear it is clinical amazing greens that could super clean finish since it's 9% they didn't even know I don't know right now you may help me hold on. You said this Mears 9% it is in this drinks like a 4% beer. How well you know I need all the rest of the Alka awful awful magic. I it is clean I I I love the fruit upfront and the chocolate in the back you always love the Florida proud again. Yeah is that Beth at best tag them and their edge glass didn't hit it oh. And revolutions issue that has kept I think for them can be ready. We had here. There are gonna be on a million point nine.