Rock & Roll Happy Hour Live from Burning Beard Brewing

Friday, October 20th

Tongiht THE Tommy Hough joins us as we broadcast live from Burining Beard in El Cajon.  We drink a beer brewed for a wedding, SMASH IPAs and a beer that was inspired by Tom Nickel in a mosh it!


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Tonight's edition an Iraq general happy hour supported by urged Castro pub in Mason mail works. You know it is warming needs again only if it's a result of gunpowder I don't. It is Barack little happier and OpenId for non supportive but hurt after a while that made and no words you hear me. But the that I had as always there San Diego for a few events of this can't write a special guest with us you may recognize the voice on the house sitting in the face with a tonight good he. Thankfully some things just simply do not change the when we play Tom Waits until I won an odd. We'll squeeze it's Tom wait yeah that hasn't happened. Got to learn business if you and a great. Downwind the we're live from burning beard or north south east west over the last hour our friends dating Jason have been. Doing a guided hasty here in this I don't know she and we call this this is burning beards barrel room. This is our Bauer and it's actually are of entries that we have a radiate different events and it's out make even as the baby showers and here it actually gets the dance well the more the babies are in India punish running in the corner with the ahead. It workspace is not that we actually and that's actually a minute and that being a part. Some of those what those funny that's on top this Saturday but next Saturday. We knew we are releasing our apartment fairly typical Fox News. It's getting way too far. That's easy sneak preview I don't know well. I couldn't just jump into the fact that we use it for ritual sacrifice. Yeah they send it means that I was illiterate and sacrifices Oden that he sacrificed people who were asleep in the bar after closing hours or we do chickens and irreparably we try to source urge San Diego. Yeah. I don't ever. A. You have low along with you Tory Tory you do a lot of the stuff running your records you. You used were the front end a year you Celine pigs and you're you know just skillet and sales indeed now now I'm not in the world. Let me out and I ask how bad that. I didn't even that that that's more than acceptable we're gonna sit around it's not severe we're gonna talk about you isn't going it would be we can yes on talk about what's coming up on October 20 bullets. Let's start like let's start with that we gotten this so this is going to be called I'm affected it is going to be our pulse. It actually isn't really special here at you up with kick off October fast and that Brian harper actually operative for his running which let a couple of we see it because ultimately if missile they. And it's actually called I'm affected after the Ramones songs so it's a really special thing and it's also kind of plays into the historical reason October even occurred at that thing. Celebrating a royal wedding. We irons. In. September. But they moved its October as the weather is nicer Billy but he isn't really on the. That's Anthony good ones that it is so much beer yeah. That's a wedding I'd like to be invited again. It's hard to sober up when you think in German beer but it's no reasons and now are our October as the years usually calls is that that they were all over it it is an it was he wanted to calls for his wedding we actually and I spawning habits can be more traditional. Or air and it publicize that interest in the atmosphere at this it and it is really really special. And then again it's actually going to be a pastor. No he's coupled with a different you know part of the mandate. Come between you few lone police yeah. How you want to drink so that's about this this this cold skin that calls stylistically what is it culture is actually jail. But it ranks like he lie under these it is from the city of who in Germany which is on the Rhine. And they won something it was Ayers. That would rival pills. And ice island here keep it right but you know the gales and heavy whatever no colds is so refreshing and wonderful there mis. And more people should drink more of. Megan agree more the feeling about this on is some courses and having lot of for this and that and that's not one I think this particular case burning near to this specifically is going to be merely means and that it has this and instantly aspect of it which it is gorgeous from a small profile that taken a biscuit street in the oven to syncing your teeth into it. It's all about. Some nice here's little floral elements to it drier body to it so it keeps him and really reversing the house Nancy leaned in and couples are able is that it's like running naked through the paralysis is the same thing you can't hide in late night dishes and yeah. Pinnacle and it's another way that we make heavier hand the past ritual sacrifice. Naked in the. We're learning a lot of about birdie here yeah. Feeling bad for us this hour with him legally. It's an elephant drug. You know like everything very any problems on the web. Lockout disposable my. The rocket all happy I have an idea where I'm broadcasting live from burning beard brewing El Cajon if you like to come out and have a beer with a puzzle come on down David. Right here in the bare room you're more than welcome to Graham here and come back and hang out with its yearly with me is always. Our San Diego grab your Angeles this weekend right we've also got Tommy and look like you mean it's. That being here care and Candice just. Wonderful seeing played out that this this this whole show was you know kind of started by you in buzz kill filth and that's idiots if it was 2009. And and you know and let your had this crazy idea and you like them have been have a deal stationed there back you know win the deal was we. Right with a you know people to drink beer a good financial meltdown I think would have something to do it it's like let's streets or Beers at the W right now because I know you're not in the business but to a if we wanna follow what's going on and you're very political your wasn't a lot of stuff in San Diego we keep up with you it's a just website it's funny how dot com TO NN YHOUGH. Dot com. Account or drinks more beer with Tommy I need to get our seventh and name like two sweaters that there he would be the third. Roland Calabasas a national city that nine minutes and 49 seconds to call him in the studio claim your Amazon echo in RAI aged home. Sorry so far the best beer is that the next one on the list that this is actually. These traditional October fest beard not the Cole's style beer that you just Fort Worth that was asked remains. Is going to be more traditional. Supported him yet drink and for a long time but in exchange. A lot and as a dominant. Team over excuse. Stiles more like that the air and that speaking is it is lighter you're not the same visas. Carmona that's it and that silence that has to be a little bit more expensive so. Most notably you can rest large quantity of this year with an important thing dude you are aware that level impressionable impressionable Beers with Indian. And six percents that CDs impressionable yeah. Forcing an impressionable man totally. Trust provides an Alley is no problem drink with you an extended period of time. Press will be there can only imagine like hundreds and you let parents. Now and I have kids and family. And knock on my door at 5 o'clock in the morning that the matter what I hit the night before and I. That I blew them jtapi. That with a hangover nobody wants any. So this is your guys is it done that now this is only a season will be Ryan imagine just for now on that's the intention for now I'm just his that's usually the time it Ecstasy and this year is it I love those posted qualities that you can't. Years I'm not honest and if you're gonna have a very subtle herbal and that makes it neatly paired with a multitude of things because of that locker. This it's clean and it's and I look that's part of what makes it again questionable necessity TV for some people. Lebanese opening minutes as and it now. It is those things that really good food here we can we wouldn't be like this. Everything. And know what happened to your microphone apparently. He. You cut me off here read them there they go ahead it's working now really I'm Beckham here you definitely yeah it's good you bet that's the you'll equipped with those toasty notes I would I will witness and and I were gonna tease. You know he really ever to run which he's not only cheese and indeed it's it's it's a neat yeah McCartney and John women's fitness and there's no need extra points and that's. Me as the summer it is the Ramones and rocket or high school of rock and happy hours Saturday Night Live from the barrel room it burning beard growing -- on our north south east west or. In full effect we've been the north Indian Joes we keep south. And over Brazil now we're in the east. And with their friends alcohol it's Jeremy with me is always there's the idea the crappy evangelist with him right. It's not me making a special appearance tonight the alpha Omega that Genesis. For the final happy hour. Thank you so much and they just say it was great here either loans itself will Spector produced advocates can hear the gun be grounded. Out. Ramones. These are fellow loan. Do a series. From burning here we gutsy edited story thank you guys for being amazing because of what alum about burning bearded one thing it was tracking do you brewery. Here is awesome but you guys also. We it's it's it's very cinematic it's that we we all share the same passion we all love music you guys load music. These radio station what is certain is that a lot of shows together don't you. Absolutely it's considered to be team bonding in the rocks at this is gay man. Nothing basic ultimately took it appeared and a it. I might because that net that sounds like family and these guys that's a lot of shows I know I'd the next here is actually show inspired that's right your number I think that. And it actually is so we're gonna try is called gain of one. And that we originally actually grew this year for the hit trees which is it's amazing English on an eight iron and the most phenomenal says. And it it is here which is an acronym for single ball and single pop which is sort of neat ride our. Time of year because Al's hot rattled the abstinence to see the Buick so we changed constantly. What we use in his ears so when it for the reason is near Saturn Centennial. This island is going to be parents on citrus. Gorgeous tropical it's subtle and strawberries pineapple Tuesday night is unique flavor it's a rash appeared Tommy get in on the Internet that at the when Ewing and it actually happens. Only two weeks old and just line up just so happens is going to use the red paint concert on Monday which we are all really really ego and now I am curious what we leave it single malt you always being there's not a male or you looking at other team grows we that we don't use months to room and here really what is. Eaton is. There's water. And I'll let other things and to grow. Is it that's great but we just. Like some of the different parts. And here's you know at. And so on as a home brewer who doesn't approve that much anymore there anytime I'm making beer and I'm using there's not a jail just because. I also need the extra dollar of town for the energy spare no expense in just a Jurassic Park things and then yeah. Public and thank you that they fired their ripples in my dear. Yeah. No idea now thanks that's what's at ultimately huge pollution during that year it's human goods is amazing. I mean there. There's right. Suitors seen. Your role but but it's in all its. You're letting the sister shine this happening and you picked a great back when you've got a great mixing your. You really elevating them on anybody who's who's getting into the year. With things like the days okay you'll you know like it to the difference between Columbus mom's sister hops and mosaic shops doing of the year like this. Where you're using a as ingredients possible is a great way to identify those flavors. And focus on and I tasting room and says as a great year honors. Mean I love learning mean love academia. That being able to teach people how to unify a hot varietal. Isn't really neat thing because then they go somewhere else and here floats and a lot of prominence attack. They know I should go in trying to or if they try something else like oh I know what music news like ours ago and brightest here it's an. Awesome way to help people become familiar well you know who else is they had a huge music fan I guess some people in the country. And oh yeah you read things. You have to be good the next you're gonna turn hello. Absolutely actually if one of our collaboration. Broadcasting live for our north south east west to where we are and that's. The wonderful spot known as burning beard brewing El Cajon its share it with the is always or San Diego craft beer evangelist. This again right we've got Tommy making a special appearance tonight wonderful to be here we've also got reference from burning geared Shannon Tori who reports and fantastic bruise we just had a smash beer known as I gain of one. Also at best year we've had affected which is one of their cultures and now we move onto another beer and you said this is. Jedi is very similar to. The gain of one beards its music leads. Fired right. Not so musically inspired as much is from the matrix a cinematic. So that transcend race and our Brian I've. Actually it has New Mexico spots which is really knew it leaks and let whispered New Mexico. And you don't let the media you know it's the meat today it's than meets. You know backwards the one hand. Most importantly missiles collaboration being that we did it whip Tom nickel a nickel burning in the best voices in radio records on alliance. That's an experience. Listen to that man meted dictionary is adding that. While he's carrying kids on this back to a lot of putts but he is I can. Ideas and he is one of our guys come this decision he had no. That you guys that Tom in here now you were saying now this here is how winds when did you guys take this beer off. Your number one we can't. You're rounds. 23 weeks ago. That that you said that when we first downs as the years. It was very few covering it as prominent in coming in Amy craving you know you spending prominent you know scanner is Liam Neeson. And that's not the how about the knees in top nickel and stuff Goldman. And I'm ready so what are you trying to do willing happy with the female population got a pregnant but this isn't that kind of radio film and I. All we do that we refer audiences yeah that's. Lord help me at some point this year olds they were like they did so fantastic and doesn't really is. The components to it but it also has beaten on plates meet in the Greenville slits in the snows some mild reading is to it it has calls he has. It's such a unique it's literally a Frankenstein. Thank the pier which is one things they love about it is it is such a culmination of creativity which is a perfect representation and my opinion apple technical during and burning beard so it's the quintessential flattery. We could have done. And really excited about it. This is the list uses this is strange and wonderful. I would put him on the glass and let it warm up a little bit because it's warming I'm getting all these different layers of flavor behind. Is given a certain. Point. So romance it's humans that. You're not trying to kid and its hands and just trying to drink enough. Are it doesn't have to president and mrs. Bernie you remember that we don't Wear pants and me for a. Those aren't like a half hour. Through the buries the final. Hole and yeah wow you guys are century of I think incredibly creative process let's play a song. And then we're gonna talk about a very special that you guys have coming up on October 28 here second annual salado Dale's march. At the table. And god save the queen to sexy little I don't know happy narrative today for Kyra happy are supported by urged Astro club. Inmates and L works we are broadcasting live from burning beard and elk on our north south. East to west to war we are almost appear weak in San Diego we've got one more Friday next week. It applies to apply it works in TV taking care of the west tonight's. Though burning near El Cajon with that Shannon Tori of course Tommy our special guest we here with us in the tasting room tonight with some. Really killer Beers the 101. Of the gang of one we had passed here we have calls in. He knows how to start this next thing with fusion because. October when he cubic second annual senator deals Marcos. And you're doing a bottle released. In the income week you've got to the bomber recent of those fears that Iran. Us right now absolutely we have some really really fun with our rarely aging program and this first one is going to PE reverend parent needs doable spot. And Ukraine and this one's actually aids and a force or panels which are really excited about and then the BBA. You saw it was actually eats in wood barrels so. Both of them are H and term damage from her friends and one of the neat things about it was thought is we've tried some of the really other are so that's over a style Beers German Beers. And this one is going to be Richard locker you're gonna get this really really nice mired sweetness all right. It's then this gorgeous harmonization that comes through and then as you can almost a nose while read and the urban comes through as a really nice accent it's not overpowering. It's really really well balanced there really careful with how long we kept it in the. Aero kit on the lawn with a spear like good guys and I. I wanna own whisper sweet nothing things to it yet laying in bed in watching Oprah share a year gazing to you really gazing and. Uncertain what I just got lots what went on there. I don't happen like that happens seriously expecting machine and that's what. So the big guys are releasing our two were when he breeding ground for tickets for these models apps not and what we're doing news commodities county konduz and especially is. Our locals and our regulars a first shot at it and it is gonna come out hang out with us. Come by its and I'm really neat event you'd see those matches. And it's such a good celebratory Beers and so in the team name and indeed those are those greatly raise a glass and celebrate the lives of all of those. Loved ones that you have lost over the years. And also sellers extreme degrees degrees celebratory beer and if you look at it that BB 8 o'clock. People's what Russian imperial. Both of them Easter eggs in them. We we. Delve a little deeper and actual O'Donnell acting under term for things that are. Reference other things up he should listen you can read year. End both of those are going to have to rent or at least ends with a name appears so dramatic and he's is the name these BBA to spot and so on that you'll actually have on the listen I'm. The actual box on. Was and inspired games each yet. And if you actually look at the label you'll also see some animosity that is different parts. The breeding group logo but also on the burning their global you'll see two rams and that's that's UCK it's because it's a beautiful spot in traditionally you'll see rams went on the spot treatment for pop iron ran and and in. On the inside they're also going to see. Where listen this stooges are destroyed you know I have read Orwell 1984 which means it. They'll so we. I'd some other things and there's. At I believe that's the only twenty different Easter eggs and any of the labels at any given times that we invited discover and I'm. And Ian sock. We had a we get our hands on this model about this one already the that that the local. Yet. Is gonna be available during the elite but it's a surprise as the wind elements of the aisle and Michael cannot. Lunch right now we're done finally it's coming let's exploit them. I haven't done thank you for having as I'm listening to what your country and actually request out. Huge stakes to our friends urged gassed republic Mason L works for supporting Iraq general happy are making tonight's episode possible for all the details of the Beers we drink it's all posted on line DeVon 949 ST dot com.