Rock & Roll Happy Hour Live From Novo Brazil

Friday, October 13th

International Award Winning beers!  Double Hazy IPAs!  A Beer named Cookie Muncher that could rival Utopias?!  This Friday night we get turnt up with our friends in the South at Novo Brazil in Chula Vista!


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Tonight's edition of the rock real happy hour supported by urged Castro pub in Mason mail works. It is that the national. Brazil. Yes we've got to in this. Our north south east west or is under way stop never too weird down in the south into of this that noble Brazil. AM amazing spot with a really cool crew with a tonight we got Eduardo we got Mike in Dennis gentlemen welcome to the program thanks for hosting us tonight. Hey thank you for coming. Welcome news in that unit out whenever you whenever he gets free beer on the table we will be there and a couple of other during tonight's home however bodies that do come up with some secrets on the program Noah whom he's a professor at. So I will stay out of walking through your operation. The one vacancy about you guys guys are incredibly Smart. In every way possible does the Smart Marie it's Smart operation playing and it lets you play. You can S herself and those things you don't. Fine miert stainless steel and just every brewery in 88 doubles and I didn't know what to expect coming in here I figured it. Honestly it only had your beer went and had brought into the program as warm up here when it's when he can find cans and only once yet. Today that little party. It will work today yes yen let's do one juicy tropical. So we're gonna talk about what you guys are doing as far as getting your beer out in 88 or it's not about where you Beers across the world of talk about appear weak stuff. We're talking about a few other things along the way that. Talking about what you guys do that. Let's talk about the beer that's in front of us right now our first beer the night. Was that was lifers fear here incredibly refreshing this is you're taking pills right yet that's the tulip fields we did. And he gambled our CD right we are in chula so we did you movement which is the most popular year in Brazil. And we Canada that some. Bring to send you say it's definitely seen you spin on it is that op Ed are you from Chula Vista. That's not from the far south I would annex and had a feeling he was not to miss and where you from I am from Brazil it though he. You're just basically adding. More cred to the game. Yeah yeah I me and my uncle. We are. The main callers a year amount with the Pollard and will be. But brazile here everyday. Yeah. I love love that you guys started the company you guys are still in it running it making it happen now I was a I don't talk you doubt it found over Brazil came to San Diego let's talk about this. This two pills right now at this stage your take on pills but you're you're doing some aggressive popping so it's it's very San Diego. Yeah we deep. Didn't the very classic cascade Doumit. So we drive up with a cascade but we still have the sauce with a chest ops that brings all the classic but feels. But we did try to green all that pop in his books and you. This is delicious Kennedy tried this yet. I'm a blast them. Kinda I broken I mr. is this your you guys are getting right now yes that's so those are actually the very first you'd that we can and it's still. On the farm make this that should use it any city your hands are unmistakable. Tonight at that life can't don't look at this test thing that's just an ordinary. That's not the statues of extravagant. We gonna pour beer on the way. Strokes. And the other radio station again in ninety when I was Jeremy broadcasting live from over Brazil until this depart or north south. Out east was to work. Our road to San Diego appear weak hitting Jason are right behind me in the the three Florida having a nice little tasting of some amazing beer's taste it yourselves. Just got done with the two pills now we deserts on the off there. I've got Eduardo Mike can that is sitting with me that this is an actual. Is that that the the chill pills is internationally. Awarded here yet we got nastier and as you us. The content in there off the best pure enough nice things it's an amendment to the finals. On the bass. You've off the war on. As to allow beer war so we don't you don't want to talk about this because I mean it's every day that it's in the robbery of your guys capacity is winning international the year awards just because. You know a lot of Reese can't make enough to to satisfy their own market in the U Kaiser you as a shipping beyoncé the geyser and we've even got so. We agree shipping right now to Sweden we've got a distribution center in Rotterdam has the ability to ship in any European country. We have it rob Peter to Brazil we keep your to Mexico which that your candidate. As well as Florida and we're just signing at a liquor distributors. Around yes and I'll. On the roster than its us that we have a warehousing. And brought to them and from that was sent to. Equally France Portugal Spain and Rotterdam it's actually know will result people your we yeah thirty year old be exactly wow. That is not your school this this guy's got because both. I mean most big brewers are their their hiring local distributors in that area they're just throwing money at training they're here in the market that you guys are literally boots on the ground. Trying to move your beer across the world. Yes that's exactly what we do it your business models and some different things from you guys been around for what barely two years three years and April. Yeah it does it work applicants and and already and senior. The weekly groceries stores well well you know I know we infant your first look at him he's reminding and need to view r.s seventy name our last. I invasion name is Jonathan bush and national city you get nine minutes and 49 seconds to call the studio. Anyway it's the phone and he will collect all your formation Jonathan bush if you do sell. Once your Amazon echo let's talk about this beer before we get into where we can buy more beer. This month month month now the hall so I need to drink this good and other awarded beard you guys just took medal for this in this Indian international beer festival I had this is normal locked amber. So it's a dry Hamburg. Normal mother amber red beard and be sweet you know as a dry hot it's got real. Lean just slightly bigger it's an odd. Mike tell me how. How what if thing when you grew in this flights every time I Pruitt the that he hears very light every time I pass the beer through it. It's almost purple as it comes true verbal and you know it's and there's been worked. As we continue the process of watering in all the way through we get this beautiful amber color beer and it's just at every stage drinkable. I'll tell you right now as an amber when I smell that I got all this this malt aroma in the nose and I expected it to beat really sticky and really sweet. This is the exact opposite that this is this is true why the spacious rows really their well is hosting its good and I guess that you got you guys have a food truck parked out there. Friday through Monday its place in the eighties and tell you we have those committees it's a barbecue we have. A Friday to money but we have every do have a bug of putra who like I just had this was some. I you barbecue yeah and oh my goodness this with the bitter greens. Excuse that those hot sauce and have an Italian Lira. All of now it is the rock and roll happy aren't OpenId for ninety's Jeremy broadcasting live from to visit no blow Brazil brewing along with our San Diego Kraft Icrc. It evangelist mr. Qin right we've got Edouard we've got the mightn't that this year no result aggregates and fantastic bearden is finished in a move lot of which is there amber LA San Diego international beer festival winner one of their many. Decorated Beers through the program up with a two bills. In what's so that was where was that the wood and an early the year awards world beer awards. Just willed us shortly on nuclear power I love the fact that I've got two kids sitting in front of me. Because you guys don't just. Distribute its India redistribute all over the world said you can't Anderson you there you can't. Well I. Okay we're zero and. I'm noticing yeah you know what when it's all in one hand in at parties that the big and it's for the United States in the loop is for the UK. In the states really well on the press they are strong on that on a pint elect a fight it like all right yeah. And unites them Europe the other hand. They are looking for a well all but 355. Leaders. That's based in their over the does the sixteen off the feet of the shelves now they don't like that most every other country want while on. Well. Exactly and sixteen I need to learn they need a full time this mean that that's a shock for me to San Diego you always see me I guess does this crack your start with bombers and that it can work we've backhand so. We're used to larger form but you know this is the fact that you. Make more shelf space and that's the Q and form didn't make room. One yet yet but you know. Doubles. I think they are just looking for small want to try a lot of different these years. For me to be honest I like that follows it just took it it's because you're. From there you met up at. It it's easiest of the autopsy is the problem yeah. There Greg Coleman alcohol lightly. They know the let the monkey listening to so if somebody was defy you guys really come here to your Easter which is absolutely gorgeous by the way. Natalie that the stainless steel that shining over the you know there's the attack from the general is really cool and your your very immersed in the experience here. But and he can play guys that volley and then just recently you guys got to deal where year in Albertson's and on right here in stopping right. We get a team stores and then literally being delivered their first deliveries this week's that we are really jazzed about that. And it's just gonna give we had to stores and we got. Eighteen new stores while though that that's we'll be keeping up with production in the cases absolutely look for the T I mean it looks like an energy drink. Yes you don't like. If urged drinks look more like that I might bring more energy wealthy TBS this but the year on the front and that I thought of her colors and mangoes in the monkeys I was just that leads into next here. The mango this is mango I. In the market always tell you what's your best years of this one for you guys is that beard yes I hear the callers. Is not. And yeah. Bloat code book goes back down. My god we have nothing. I could accept money. Ever let that thing is you was looking at us like we are doing wrong as fast nevermind all right and finds out. The mag I used to be Copacabana and is so are you really using real mangoes in this beer. We use real mango Accuray in this sphere. Wow you can how much per batch are we talking crazy amount raised the others we have to centrifuge opt to weep blood. Because. Otherwise going to be evening goes on your care. They have this ankle stuck mash I imagine this year it was easy absolutely stuck match if you try to run this moment mango through. Yet so we had. This is yet on the fermenter. We had to centrifuges. And otherwise. We would just be a lot of angles. Peck on the bottom of the guys in the killing smoothie a romance. But it is that this is so good. Also picked up this and I PA. The very complimentary with hops are using this so we use in the annual Maru and see through. And I was not sweep right through you get the perfume on the third offline and it's now but there's no sleep if we're not looking for any residual. Can use as your had a sweetness. It's about beer I was that a plea funky loss to lead into our next Beers at the run in Latvia before night. But of course that's neutral from mine beaten throat from his. But happy on occasion I think that probably is on a person might well the next beer drinking over Brazil brought out alive. Here whenever north south east west tour is I am dying to dry heat as well you know everybody's not easy right he's right now. Murky news you might and murky and there there's there's a definite division on people who either like I PA's at the Yankees are sinful I don't care because you know what. I found that there are some yankees are two places. That are not just like a thousand years that it analysts exit fears modernize this line. Haven't known for Mac is aptly delicious so let's talk about this is the it's the Bob Hayes double IP AC to hazy IPA doubled down on what this is not well liked it this is a session Beardsley. Told me yeah that's a session BR off eight point six. There but it does it taste like it is the real victim beer here movie yet I like. It because. Normally when somebody says the Beers kick that means there's going to be strong all things that is going to be. Lot of obvious there's nothing like that is here this is like drinking. It's like drinking US troops uses as his own and I Obama learned to all that finishes clean one emphasize your notes to resume its manic and yeah. Call in the best at being so we use a three young mall on the all green we don't we don't use in the other kind you know using extras no none zero that's a 100% money you know on court Larry there to get a knock out UN security yeah. Beer you disappeared and it's heavy rains. Heavy boots and a very special US yet and I'd say we're waiting we might you're making me nerd we passed they special needs creep I mean I use that term it is right and before it's. Is this is why don't Wear briefs and is that a proprietary yeast or is this something. You guys it is now works really well that nobody else talking about. But I would try a couple different pieces before. We think about that this eased from Portland it's just amazing. But. I can tell you the problems housing benefits and burial and are real yeah that's who everybody. And it's there it's amazing. Those guys may well it did it it does the trick this is so clean finishing light on the Pallet I mean I never would have it any ideas at this kind of gravity yeah so and so it's so a lot of hops. Well long I'd try Monaghan yeah a lot of hot from the dry hard again and try not in high school no that's different there's realistically a hundred different content I think our. Really with just here in itself the whole process is different we do a little different it says as zero I'd be UB year we were not. We're not hopping through the boiling process so it just changes the characteristic. Yeah I'll tell you. No because I'm beautiful episode knocked on the boil we want nothing in the boys' bathroom book mein balloon at this point I'd rather it is going on here. Well we had the hops on the were pool and they're who actually does he view computer so that's why an. You must be loading. On long but some languages so I am a little bit more than tempo of the barrel so it's. She is sorry. About it but it seems like me it's a process we're just continually face offs. On this user. Safety if panic everywhere prizes and can. Oh yeah from the point about that can report back when I am as more and we're never angry when. Is a rocket O happy artist and ready for nine broadcasting live for our north south. East west tour today were in the south broadcasting from two of this that noble Brazil has had them over from 9490 and we shall Edith and many analysts on those in the U. Drury along with a streaking within inches of course. Now. 00 she says. So many hours it was time to call that night at an old. Oh never mind now. That's where Jason went right we'll were sitting here with their stadium grab your vigils that again right you've got Eduardo we've got Mike Dennison over Brazil and that's fantastic Beers. Los Hayes being the last one and I imagine that's gonna be a big shining star when you guys Dubya weakens him because I know you're not doing too much. On the outside world you're bringing everybody here two of us are right. Yeah so everyone else's Q1 of the things people try to do is do a bunch of events at different bars and and we've committed to Q bars that we're gonna do events happen. Really what we wanna try to use it these folks who come in from out of town. Come and visit every so we're doing specials of debris including special Beers that will be just available here as well merchandising specials and that's what we're trying to answer promote his. To get all the out of towners to come in come by debris because once they've got that. Bricks and mortar experience that you guys have had they're gonna be a much bigger fan of the brand and if they just see you know Michelle some hope. Clearly I mean I've fallen in love this place this from being here if you guys aren't of that is going to be a holiday go like all. So much but I've got to buy another forum and not since we're pretty it's consistent and the fear that they play good I have. So I. Related that Brasilia the month and all Brazilians are pretty that's like an eloquent and laws of thermodynamics. You know will put it on and then we'll put pictures of you and Lynn real sway in the well. Wrong and duplicates so. Only Greek your we go to released to a new blazes because moon re released close and samba. To a new. Brilliant device. Called the Brazilian guys. And with fruit. And we'll there are Germans in Brazil and oh yeah life and I hated dad and it. But I know I am I am earnings that he. It. Yeah and the couple past years are you soon. All right we're about here and I got a feeling we can find all that post and you guys FaceBook page what was going on you guys that so we are good and chuck Colson. The next week. And we've the all of them reason every day on FaceBook in the cigarette while. Right well you know what does it appear I was steelers' drives it is what is that the dark street sports authority it smells really good when it smells deep. Yeah bootleg audio right. It's early on his soil in yeah it is it is retreated out of the car right now. I've had this didn't let alone mode you can put this right into the edit them Saudi the city and at this hour. Those that came from the tomb of the puzzle miles with a then that we have gotten an art delivery van it's a moment in this. Oh yeah definitely a big movement Beers there. Notice how quiet everywhere is it and I didn't hear you go to a restaurant that is why conservatives and doing it is more like Thanksgiving wherever he's quite the reason. That takes its few minutes. Well there's there's coffee there's tobacco is roasting this there's. Mile. I've seen that's that was missing was missing Manila there's smoke yeah. Powell we. Oh yeah. As a barely hear the moment he's one with the excellent oh really there's another one. We you're teasing with another beer after this went out on that note let me it'd. We're nine broadcasting live from noble Brazil in Chula Vista of course it is the rocket a happy hour. Brought to buy urged Castro probably in Mason and works is Jeremy live tonight. Our city it crappy evangels this weekend right we've got Eduardo and Mike at this from the oval Brazil. And of course we're getting ever so close to beer we just argue that that you do than stand there in the course. Art has dropped the bomb. A towels. Eight barely each year which we haven't tried yet we had via the court when they grow which was spoke good I would I could spend. Half a showed talking. That the I wanna see the other being and I don't mean them right now it is needed because. An app that your candidate for an apparent this without a privacy why are you mean and it will please join Hillary and I. I hit the Bob Paisley and that the mango I PA also. The mullah. Amber Andy to the pills are the program along with the organ in the off with a one that I love. On the room board as the picture of the cookie cruncher on it. Yeah it is or who. Think that and pizza. And beer is good for me yeah. The guy. I him in wrath and hopelessness. And a soldier is a two year old. Barely. Build that. Not resting on. And it doesn't why human growth at two years. I practical right now this is the Ambien I wanna have to think. LSU we reopened a barrel and sent to do would be awards. A warrant and we. That. Best of show that this is wrong to. Won't go and then this year we wake him up the room listening you. And aging and that we got the ass off the bat off the best of the best so let me answer your question have you ever had Sam Adams utopian. I have yet I. This is better beer. I agree yet having had sand and utopia. And spent the 240 dollars on a model of that nonsense. It's sitting in front of the wonderful again yeah and here is the now this 230 Dolly Kyle and this case like we we'd like a meal reason cookie absolutely would. And handling treats breaks you you're gently paced the right now just run lemon. Correct breakfast of champions amendment. The on this that though. Isn't rattled there. Home man in. Why is is on time when you're chasing whom you're not waiting to appear weak for this beer food you guys are coming to do that well. You what is on tap for us yeah surely I'll. I'm on my god this this this is such as our he's determined to such a special beer thank you guys wonder. We're going. Birdie here to help would you like to come on down. I Friday night that required course. Huge stakes to our friends urged Astor public Mason L works for supporting Iraq general happy are making tonight's episode possible for all the details of the Beers we drink it's all post it on line DeVon 949 ST dot com.