Rock & Roll Happy Hour with The Lost Abbey

Friday, July 7th

An evening of beer with The Tomme Arthur from Port Brewing/Hop Concept/The Lost Abbey + his minion Adam Martinez


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It's over I know you wise and it's going to be a problem tonight because that a shaky man if you look around the studio and you see who were sitting where you and I am. Tonight isn't pretty tough audience. For a must. Specific. But that's not I'm not a and that would be the voice of the infamous Tommy Arthur from the long heavy economic beat Tommy not Tommy Tommy Horton brewing hot concept in his. I guess Adam are you his right hander left hand Mendieta. Like I I just do whatever that are either rob and his bat man but he Clarkson amounts as yells something in the and I have to decipher it a couple of hours normally go I mean how does your rumor I mean out of a hotel in an idea I I non mango called the typical with the Mets tomorrow. About it and do whatever island Ur. There's the genius behind the genius side it is it's more of a Jenna mind trick. Primarily taught me that idea about that lately that I've as the great. Let's go to giving you had to pulled it which he told me when you really draw that time. He used to hit. Here is worried that Adam's gonna go home crying every and I guess that's not the case at all nobody and I thought he takes great story about this girl and I. And a going to be drink and fort lost Debbie Beers tonight some of these fears may be featured in the house the scene will be your run happening on the 23 in fact. Later on this hour going to be talking to the guys are going to be outlining that Reel Big Fish will be going in the program dug about the beer run so you know it is not like a beer run. Five K the half. Marathon now but it says beer run it's about his tongue in cheek is again it's it is a beer run to the bar tender age it is can't in hand. It's like hey Dave we're gonna go get beer we're going to the show kind of beer run. Los daddy one of the craft Beers in the pouring there but dumb but what my muscle boys so let's start off with some beer any some poppy and I know Tommy. Plus she brought this veer back used to being out false seasonal but we're making here around now. In this little sexy green cam which means Russia putting your aluminum these days. In doing it since December last fall and then learn a little bit to go to aluminum especially with. You know as starch is the craft brewing community was against canning be here. Everybody has kind of widely accepted it again it's it's a great format and we love we love having them in our refrigerators but to. To real pain are but the bird do we don't know our own canning lines so it takes a lot of effort to. Produce it but the bears awesome so why not but it it is absolutely awesome this this tastes like and it's it's it's hop hop opera tickets at the great podtacular. Yes a kick your your silver boast he has such great command of the English language a 99% London GR EE verbal dude. When and Megan started decide to start doing this a year dis here year round is just because you were we ever wiped out by appearances we've been making since two you know we open our doors in 2006 and light out and it's a great pair can convince him it's still wipeout solar bestselling Beers so we wanted to bring another idea the market something that. Was sort of new in the sense of the tough for us just made censoring are tied back so. We're glad you did it's a greater good here and I think it's very underrated basis. Well you know in the world wide PA is the ones on the American makes a team. No I need. Run your little happy hour. We've driven our friends from port brewing hot concept and the lust Abbie that Ana Martinez and flaw. Tommy Arthur studio and asked are you Sarah program with four brings high tide now all year round no waiting. But those delicious tops. And you feel can. Makes me feel. Makes you feel alive. You like that you're gonna love this and I must say. I don't know who does your graphic arts bloody indeed this can for how fifteen makes me very having the planes the yellow the big problem being when he arrives here of those. We're. Don't ask Adam tough questions so little known fact if you count the hot bombs there's fifteen of them on the camp. Howard. I'm sure it's you don't know this to be true. I'd now there's there should there better be canned there better be worth 5678910111213. Or it isn't a team. Or not that's gonna. We increased the I don't know enough so this journalists please help me out of pot eighteen got it cost eighteen it is like the cult yeah but it yeah that. The real and I think he is on my letter to homeland and not what what does. What does the fifteen not fifteen refer to. Alcohol level. The double life PA of the letter that the San Diego common. Yeah yours and you don't percent now I'm not originally referred to the fifteen different arrivals of hops and every fifteen minutes. In fifteen ounce increments. These days it just references of mass there. It's a scary beer and ID and your leader won four pack home and I woke up fully clothed in underneath the footage to try to make. I should do you forgot the urge shivering and I didn't even during Gulfport during two and a half and I think Adam I just poured myself a whole glass and he had I in Puerto splash in and I'm learning. This is the 11%. Year. I can see how the first of many today but over time and art. None of crimes they have we have for next I'll ask for me I mean we're we're going to do more than 11% beer and our alma Jerry can I sleep on your couch apparently can more ago and this is the MacArthur right in the about it and it was an Escondido I'm afraid of that carpets and I am afraid that it if it's carpets to dock so that I mean this is an intense hot bomb of the like this is not for the main hard. Anybody who says it appeared face Staley and as mere mandate is so sweet and juicy and wonderful blow yet it is dangers. It is dangers. You basically hiding everything in the alcohol in this. A little bit of the students here. Not them that's electronic freedom that. Yet it's planning a moment sparingly crush rebel and every time semis Eastman order pines might mean you should start and often you'll like you said earlier Adam. Need to warm up to this beer at a boy has been will be warming up to you and it's going to be an interesting show this is a another year round can't release for report Guerrero current seasonal out. Currencies or very limited we made some for the tasting room and a few select counts around town. I got a cases but it really mirror to her cases total soon. If you see it you better get so you're saying that while down. Soul Coughing on the rock and had via radio stations after not before nine it's Jeremy would lead to that is always there San Diego craft beer Angeles. Mr. Ken writes in our friends from the lost Abby port brewing in the top concept. Adam and Tommy's joining us this evening and bring in some of their Beers start off with the high tide from port brewing also had a top fifteen. I had a fake as American and mine is to say because can you still have a full blast and innocent and I love you guys. Another does seriously out of you guys. Is one thing about Candace loves his beard he's not afraid to ships you. And that's a I'm smothering him where where where ten feet away and I'm smothering him and lust heavy beer you're gonna find port it to the house to see no beer run featuring real big fish and zebra head. Sunday July 23 nine you guys have something going on the day before July 22 is your is your Christmas in July right Adam. Yet skirt every year we do workers was in July new. Grace poise and funds for Toys for Tots with some. Entrants is the toy or fifteen hours of you don't wanna go tar hitters on them. Com comes with this I only have to be a fifteen dollar value or more we hope so I mean these are for kids though. Maybe they do not tell kids don't feel cheap bastard. You just here's a ball into cup. Great that may lead CNET. I don't feel so at all ashamed insurance covers it five Clijsters. To commence in Beers couple new wrinkles that are having this year I guess were changing up revenue giving tree which. It's fifteen dollars you actually mine now at shop dot You to pick a gift off the tree and each gift has a prize whether it's a bottle of beer. We have gear from group from fox from spy. You definitely fifteen bucks for an office seats from that goes on Toys for Tots is oracle. And the new wrinkle we have a series called I Sam visible villagers were home at Tommy's village. Brent brings. It's where words were dip in and our reserves we're gonna have some Beers at. Usually when we featured in our vintage gates. Get a drink months site now our allies to take. The very limited amount winds so if you wanted to you know fair trade that is huge wouldn't recommend trade regret the drink the beer if you're gonna buy it because that's just the cool thing to do. That's going to be available to you so limited amount bottles that you can buy so don't expect to come and just buy it a case of doc Dockery. Well my stabbing death leading flagship of when it comes to. Amazing Beers and Beers that are always amazingly well spoken of Australia the blast any Beers now. Beer that I love because. To me this is this is one of those seasonal Beers that. I love to drink around right now as well as our featured beer of the month if you go to our website. For February alone when you pitcher on stuff can you know I'm ready as well right now. Oh what a what are we going to enjoy Tommy I. Bringing out the vessel god intend us to drink out of I just doesn't re here because she knew yes this is our firm bought AMR or something. And we've been making this beard. At least for seven years maybe more raspberries raspberry jam meanness. Acid sour. Third not a lot of Beers like this being made in town. And we're very proud of the fact that it has this bright brilliant raspberry character. It's probably the most fruit forward beer that we release every year we certainly had some seasonal and have more. Fruit forward characteristics but in terms of our our regular programming. As as a year around or at least to be in the comes on every year this thing out crushes the rest for equality issue super jamming. You can barely dark chocolate and lava lamps when you talk about a beer being fruit forward and vs another type of beer. What how how does that is that achieved he just dump a crap ton more fruit into it we dumped the right amount effort into it. There really screwing yes let's be coy about it and yes you hit it with a lot of fruit and you hope to balance it with. The right acids and a decent amount of alcohol. And your bundle all up together and you call it a great bottled beer for us it has more free texture than any of our other Beers. That there are released every year but. It's really about the the harmony of the freed in the acid together so. I know you guys do that. Every single year end. Every year just it hits me in the right spot. Citizen gets it can achieve again it is amazingly well let. Radio stations after a 949 just contemplating summer trips to North Korea. Over Beers and their friends and lots Tammy are here they have good beer there of that apparently leave but I mean honestly it it's. It's it's it's play with your life man and not funny way it's not like jumping off to the metal playing going you know what makes the commercial open maybe it won't go do it man if you know. You and it just becomes with the beard just finish they lost that bees. A friend what numero side great great raspberry beer balanced Jimmy Hart the that's a raspberry. Never never surprised me again just released today and it just released today thank you Adam that's and I was getting at that was constructive. And at that actually constructive. And what the last piece of constructive information if you're still Jones and get into the death tons rising and show tonight. Cyril is waiting for me to get of this code word text her and if you are to 61749. Message generates may apply now that I've done that. He just might be texting you and ask you to come down to join him for the shell. Want to sit here drinking a beer Tommy doesn't know what it never seen this bottle before what is it. This is our X cathedral. A Berman barrel aged version of our judgment day. With a little bit of spices including star knees. Orange Phelan junior orange feel and ginger and really interesting departure from. Just that the starting here and I think that we we've never used the star knees at the very before. And it has this overwhelmingly. Great sense of Blackley Kirsch and send Luka and just a really spice unit to. You know I know at this reminds me of what mincemeat pie who. You mincemeat mincemeat I don't look at selling point about putting on LA and I don't know what instinct. What you I have no idea of men's and try as. Candace and all Canada it says it hasn't come with being born in the eighties and Saturday June 5 you. Money python references Assurant. Not as positive so all right so what does judgment is that based b.s so judgment is on a carrier around. Core Beers in Los I recited say abbey quad about two and a half percent. Its biggest impression is it's mainly about 300 pounds the reasons so it tends to have seen previously by bundling out. Tends to have a really nice sweetness that comes from the raisins. I just lends itself to a lot of different options and you know we've made a beer in the past called track gate which was with cinnamon in Chile is in the barrel aging. And we make committed Tommy with the space spear this is a really interesting beer because it has a lot of permutations. Yum none of which stays the same. And you know the the orange peels coming through now at first I I smelled the star anise and now now the orange peel it's. Slain everlasting god stuff of that very well layered beer just them I'm curious. You know we did was this just one of those messing around things like you were blending different barrels of other projects that you had. Judgment day and in the end decided bowl what are we throw this in this it and see what happens we needed. Jude changeup third to veer this year from the track gate because we remain the first few years and so they're definitely it was a sense of power re going to. Take something that that is very well developed in the tracking and what can we do that. And down. You know most guys the Marino and I'm a huge fan of panda express and my kids like him. My kids like orange chicken yes and no kids so we started with a sweet and sour premise. Kind of that notion of OK this Venus from the reasons and can we add a layer of Orrin G two it. And and there's a little bit of ginger and some stuff going on so it's hard on the streets are chicken basically and down and we just a little bit of nasty kick it up. Can I throw in that as a marketing guy asked me not to notice. I was positive they have got yeah. You only get better. Information here you come to the source. Little that would have beards thirds of the I mean it's Tommy stomach and engines have been extra. This afternoon before nine drinking beer with my friends from the Los daddy port bring in hot concept. Adam and Tommy later on in the program I know we're close and real close into mr. hand these. Oh what you aid but I. Why more beer and me and then after that. I believe. Johnny Christmas Reel Big Fish is gonna call us talk about the V Haas beer run it's coming up on the 23 of July just a day after. Los daddy's Christmas in July which all the details you can find. It on your FaceBook page their fingers yeah it is and also lost having come that right now this this beard looks the way too classy. For a guy like NATO bombing EUU bride in this the special winners for this when did you receive about shoeless. What is a batch of it's really special batch of older discuss any. Couple years ago we managed to receive a batch of barrels from our supplier. That held some export whiskey. That was in the burn barrels for 23 years Ohman and I and our guys happened in note the fact that we receive these barrels that we were we did actually order them. I'm they came in an interest in terms of watching. Barrels provided they noticed that we receive some incredible. In ancient barrels and and we did norm again they just happen to be and we isolated on. I think we had twelve or fourteen of them total. And we decided to park some of our older custody in those barrels 'cause we know little to discuss it is incredibly well. In the burn barrels and now we have about your oldest discussing the word first and only match and end this beer as lay eggs I mean I was always looking at rescuers are a little less. Home health and a beer. Is lacing the glass like its legs this is. The most. Berman asked drinking moment in this. Old discussed that he did you ever made and that the funny thing is the mouth feel on this beer has changed it's it's really interesting to us because it it really lacks this heavy Vanilla car small fraction that you normally get. From Burma and barrels and it's got smoke and tobacco and leather and garlic flavor is really seems almost like Scotch and I think it's just about the coal into liquid that was in the barrel and how long. Then the wood rested. Very different than a very young vermin girl beer on the completely different if we put this in a ten year old burn barrel. We be talking a lot of panel in just a lot of qualities are different this thing is old and leathery and down. Reminds me of elation from the rumor. I. Hannity and nice reference are now is this on the authority on circulation hordes of some these can be released soon we put it on sale last week canceled out Nam we're gonna have a few cases available at Christmas in July so. If anyone missed out on the online sales the limits will be smaller just because the human case of available. If you're desperately seeking oldest discussed here and suggest you sure for Christmas in July this this is a specialty here this is one of those years that you gonna have. And it's going to be like the first time somebody and you bodily short. Those of us agree heavy iron you know what that is straight into the scene of the rock and Latvia it's evident before and I drink with a lots that be the oldest discussed kneeling down very nice and now they're gonna what the breweries you'll find pouring. And he has casinos beer run later on this month July 23 Reel Big Fish headlining on phone right now. Johnny to Christmas Reel Big Fish house on a Dallas man. Are spectacular but as we're we're really at a wedding there's there's a lot of sweating going on it's really humid it's really hot. And this is why we live in California. So your tour around with Reel Big Fish you guys are doing the beer run how many how many -- heavy runs so far is that the big joke around here is that everybody keeps asking well what time does the run starts. Pop pop pop pop pop out it's spreading just straight to the bar and back this is back. But. My heart hired from lifting nobody tasty beverage. I think you're definitely working on the twelve ounce curls then this that this is so much a a run as it is an endurance race. Exactly and you need to get the picture yourself to get through the entire day and change joy of each one of these delicious dieters. Each city you guys are shopping and on the beards were you guys have got different local craft breweries their bring their wares to share with. Everybody who comes to rock out you guys are these shows have you found or are you a beer guy yourself. I am a beer guy I really really leveraged all different types of Beers and a huge Belgian beer cans. And. So Latin there was a jury in Maryland we great toast and so were springs Maryland and that they had something that it was called and go and it was look like at triple Belgian style ale and I. That was my favorites so far. What you do realize that when you come to San Diego the played VA Haas on the 23 this month that you're gonna have to move from Belgians I PA because where I GA crazy city Bailey. I know I'd like get cute you know we brood beer wit amplified elsewhere. About this for months ago it turned out really integrated drug culture really strong polish. You know and do something different now and just spent you know everybody makes a great IPA and yet it. If you mesh steel and enjoyed our series it's one of our favorites one about sugar Beers then we entire world and that match. Our special order came up to the idea of making a culturally. That's a great way to go to nobody's doing is making super strong hockey culture. Such ingenious idea nowadays there is anybody real big fish who home bruised on their own time when they're not on tour. I know we are professional. Home drinkers. Are ultra ballplayer DN rig and she is opening up burglary in Long Beach. A liberation brewing company and that true we can't wait for him to get history opened early and go there injuring call it spear. Whom sounds like I have a trip up north to make when negev saw. Johnny any any any surprise songs you guys working on new stuff he gonna debut for a at all. Well we just we're doing it recorded a song for Halloween compilation and that got it back in the studio for the first time in. About three years and so I think that area is finally ready to work on the record you just got to get married there are these titans in the set I can't tell you what they are they wouldn't be a presence like and deputy editor who. And is. And as long as you play beer we will all go crazy. All you got that the ball well you know I I get the questions from the people who you know are you tired of playing beer. And I go Helm that'll be you know it's gonna air insert playing that guitar part the crowd just eruption goes crazy how can you not want to do. Well we will look forward to seeing here in San Diego just a few short weeks away on the 23 they drive towel off for your enjoying humidity in Dallas and a lot of cool things down for you here's San Diego and have nice cold beer when you get here this week.