Rock & Roll Happy Hour with Stone Company Store Oceanside

Friday, July 14th

An evening of beer with Tony from the Stone Company Store in Oceanside for thier 5th Anniversary


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The Friday night which means we got a studio full of people who like to drink beer. And of course there's that. There we have the right we'll let you know it is always our city look at your man who was. Then right at our studio Pulitzer Vista can't download stuff with the enter your injuries troubled by the all we know. Love coming for you ready for pride parade when they hear your your town this weekend and I know you live in the thick of. I don't even think of and I. I'm actually had an app north as San Jose and can't even tell. Please tell me your air being being your place because you can make a fortune and I can't I'm not allowed so you've been allowed to not do a lot of things you've done. I'll talk about any of those oh. Ray you Brad Lauren who likes craft beer and also is assisting in the Drupal world Alison nine era assistant aren't they tell anybody I'll let you know right now you'd be responsible for keeping her between the rails and getting her home after the show I agree with. I guess the lower today we've got Tony and Jared from the east though company stored Oceanside were back. If my back every year post so it's better for Bob. I have years you've been cast aside. In every year you always says she squirrel away some amazing case in some amazing beer to a tie did you tap the first one today it would it would and so celebrations open. 11 AM we got a bunch of stuff that amazing list a lot of barrel stuff lot of rare stuff. And then also a beer that we brood which we row where this all talk about that will allow great stuff we're gonna have a bunch of things going on today tomorrow Sunday is basically happening also this weekend that beautiful and you can bring your dog can bring you down very god really good spot still Rollins it's like to tell he'll leases and it's the a tattoo parlors uniform tonight. What Camilo and fast I had such a high opinion of Oceanside say OK if you need a barbers cut yeah there's five places you can choose from if you think have a beer get immersed cat and have a beer and. I love again in the year ending in America. I don't care Reuters for certain with a beer tonight that that isn't on the the stone company store list. Can you dishonest when you like the packaging didn't US shopping holidays will go. Good Miller as I am want to do and I saw this really pretty city Cannes where it is after a month. You know I by intent Erica. It's up there on the shelf in the cooler name an amazing craft Beers centenary and it's it called tropical looking and everything India's most tropical it was pretty. Yes this is a Copacabana from noble Brazil uses delightful I tried it last weekend that. This is a great idea aids infused with mongo actually get a lot of that either we'll call it mango thank you very much -- -- Martin gill a lot of mango in this view but it's not it's not overpowering it's not knowing it's not it's still it's still finishes dry we isn't it sweet is on the aroma -- yeah tropical goodness me and I have been to anti my glass which needs to play a song and come back with more beer and hang out their friends using -- sort Oceanside music keys says you're thinking. Right out of the hour I'm ready for nine. We have injuries do you there's such chaos every time we get ready to have a good year. There are gonna have PR after 94 I and its Jeremy would meet tonight as always our San Diego craft beer evangelist mr. Ken Wright we've got Andrea and Greece troubles with her sister Lauren in. The I think it well at the diligence look at her direction and then again your own personal laugh track I think and here is we had Tony from the stone company store notions like kicking up their five year anniversary party day it goes. All weekend long and I love the fact that you guys finally got your own anniversary here and I attract for the first time red. Now is going to be big what was the inspiration behind this what what what did you blood once you will what does stylistically doesn't look like and I PA care Ed. Who is one of the managers at the store he was hands on making it I wasn't involved because I'm lazy and now I'm not Tokyo I'm may be busy not. And not a bad way lemon when I give him a moment to do it. Yes so we came down sit making it ghettos and then went down a liberty stationing Chris Ketchum is just amazing very young man who's always telling me with the Beers you can't go wrong you every with the yeah an arresting detaining him when he gave you can't intercede and every station Mir anywhere trinket he could build what did the guy is he he's the Rain Man of Kraft valiantly the things in his mind. Shouldn't work together but he makes amazing beer if you've ever heard him talk keyed you'd get the arraignment is packed and a definite like strawberries covers are very good young NASCAR races and it's time for starters let's get a lot of that is here so we hit it is good to go in the go direction resurrection is read over by the seat so there's sea salt mosquitoes sells them there yup now there's more hander in there as well we had a bit of that whole initiative. Discoveries from cycles farms their local farm in Oceanside right on yeah awesome Chalmers they were insanely and we might have a little bit too much from me there's no Sunday here. Mary's you know a lot went into the beer and two bogeys give a lot of that Jamie Guinness the united so does the limited beard he could only get it stone coming store notions that right now our right now yet they will be room full release on the 27 to July believes she's got a few other matters here's and we got the most so we'll have awhile and so this is really really drink their wallets around yeah saying there's a 20% so bill. Rule against big egos and usually then around 4% yet they always like enemy now is drinkable clothe I elect dad goes down to reveal. OK I called CDS because so little CDO Oceanside I love you said let me how how. What I know basic and passionate embraces seeding this I think I think notice little sketchy at this trial let's get Jimmy goodness would go well with the truffle Andrea what did you blue. When you slide here and friendly with as cool thought that was a honeycomb thing on the. How many come not is our honey almond karma all to go ahead and that has local salt and it from my mom and the heat and it is going divine with death so that and put them together he's let this result definitely see saw is like chocolate and strawberry and soldiers and moon. Moon boot. Yeah now I go right well now that's a tough stretch we're right on the lower time brings out the real live out. Andrea Abbott park Disco gummy Soros is I guys please tell me you know do this again for your next year anniversary well. I can't possibly picking up. To satisfy my analyst and so now. Have a bunch of being ovals that some through and I actually think kids like the layered thing. He had with as. That. That's right it is Iraq at all happy Arnett and 949 tonight we celebrate five years that he stone company store and Oceanside with Tony and Jared chocolates from injuries truffles. For the still does gushing over how much that truffle that you just paired with their anniversary Goss is brought out the rudeness to a great comment that chocolate do that would that be are so I'll figure you're just you're your your wizard it which you do crazy. Now she that she yet but I don't think yeah well I put my Jeep flowed smoothly. If the rumor about side. What do. Money prize fund I catch their head stone could be stored ocean sides find your anniversary going on today tomorrow and Sunday. I just had their anniversary goes in now it's you you pour out of beer that we've heard a lot of the just recently as stone rolled out goes camera. I have not gonna try yet so what's the story behind the ghost hammer. It's our new us seasonal IPA super refreshing unlike most stellar ninety days using where they come up like a harsh bitterness there routes. Just really refreshing perfect for the summer and now Wu Siva popular by the beach really increase meeting in sunny weather to salute do you have a ghost story to go with my there was area I've been us that's a lemon and honey I know your idea and so that's the ghosts aren't. Little bitter finish to hammers you on the hands. I. It taste like summer. Yeah. Yes the radio and any of these elements that any reality is it's it's pretty bad when I can't even bait kid into an inappropriate show it was just easy. There there are too many moving target. Find that will drink the ghost hammer and toast to five years of Coca restored Oceanside all while that is you liken it. Matt is delicious yet and and I I must say I have some degree of familiarity was known Beers I would say so yeah and yet much much more mild on the finish and more balance not not kind of the face slap that you often get with knobs and it just a tad of sweetness it's lovely and what I love about listening to Ken described stone Beers and chemistry. Happening out there for rocket that Garrett that before I cream of their friends so Kevin's start Oceanside Gary and Tony can't are going to be alright back there you you look a little chemical lost my daddy's working right now Jeremy did you find something to do. I thought about it shut up. And I'm just so I'm I'm looking for ways to describe this very very interesting beverage that we haven't well. I'm just learning about brackets in fact that the first Bragg experience I had is when we had lower on talk about getting booed society Beers and they had made a boosters brag that idea I believe it was just and then I learned that break water spreads biscuits need. Really is an immediate to brag and I know we have the third entry into my brag education in any case you don't know what brag it is a brag it. Is a beer essentially. Made with ace how much honey does that to have and its assets under 30% I think is what you technical legal uses because there's a difference in the than a license you get between a brutal. Ruairidh in a new eateries and yet he can't go wrong he is like a wine it's technically classified as a Warner theater yet underlying feeling you know with woods into Cink folks have been brewing with honey and green and fruit for thousands and thousands and thousands of years and didn't have to worry about getting a licensee here. No no you didn't have quite ABC and access to the ABC did not exist Shenzhen in ancient Persia and thank goodness no site serves which is another way to describe a mix of those beverages and brackets have been around since the do all of the history all right so this what looks like no bragging we've had so far in this trio who had a ninety day. We've had a fruit forward brag it in this one just looks like he came in the pit of hell yeah she didn't bring this out of my car now and I came out of a bright pink. There's just not bright and here the irony because it's dark it's it's. It is a lacy who own any added I mean it's out this is getting materials and now head a little bit honey I think that's more of what it's coming out. And I would I would CA BV on this ten point 3% annual. Hey big beer or is right is this out this beer like a pre existing recipe year was I don't know it's another Chris Ketchum. He he made hasty step yeah yeah Boone then this is no exception that is. It is may Zain really good to we have something of course we do because you know there's nothing goes with something deep and rich like this than. Andrews doubles that I hate this. This is like sit down and give me as a guy. Out at an event like who is in the garden while they are making as consumers now yeah there's no cigar so we have the next best thing which is that they can as he travels to ask. Most famously at greatest snack shack yes about a GM Andrea is shovel absolutely I remember having many pork belly app with two tacos and I'll end with on this. Mother trouble right here yeah. As that is the mother ball truffles unhappy to say that it will be back at the north part Carney has. Starting August 1 now are very excited about that moon. You know Dusan crisper finishing and a danger does it again great Irvin Larry how exciting like what's gonna be about Ecuador numbered and I. God yeah you probably only had his cardiologist. About this Toronto happy are definitely weren't the right in the area. Interview with their friends these stoke up pretty storied Oceanside Tony Jarrett also I got one more code word we're free to get summer he would go to comic con. Then the best one for last hole text HULK. 26179. Message today and I hate the fine. Well I tamed the beast in the background I'm going to let that Andrea Walker Stewart an excellent because this is all you this is something that you did with their friends from epic brewing has no attachment to the stone company store and ocean side doesn't matter because we're it would still drinking beer and eating chocolate and it all goes together in this kind of just seven into the that's what you do that's about right now why we love you. But right guy and so this is and at the brigade is the glitz and glam. It's a glitz it's a glitzy and glam and it is ever as day by ace and I am I've been talking to them about doing some collaborations. And so this is such a great refreshing summer beer and we have a great refreshing summer shuffle the lemon creme brash and what we decided to do is infused. The trouble with the glitz and glam and this'll be available at big brewing. When the when he sack and at this month boon to lead to these are just dumb or having them. Held apart in my mouth right now right mayor ray it's super fun and I just I loved that and I am really excited to start working with an armor and aren't hired in a little class are. Small delays business that's going on over enact and we put a lot of passion and it is tough all Lauren labs that I am mad and it's just Christiana crashing and sometimes that's why Jeannie. Don't really think a lot of that this could very pace. Unlike both. Does it make via by putting the beer and had the famous question now is dead at the store does that make they can be alcohol and diet if you wanted to have not it doesn't at all. Actually we cut the week at the beer down into there and actions so he's in that these are the words no one wants to hear what. Reason being that I did that is because it just it brought it takes a flavors at all other Lama and so that's why did it and actually our first couple that I ever made more arrogant bastard truffles and the first time I tried it I just try to put the beer and part tackling and and it just didn't do. What I wanted it to do whatever you think it appeared as a lead ballooned. Thing this is new along with the other. On how the really got along with the chocolate grade now except it just had to cut down due to a really nice thickness and sell without inflicting damages to kind of all other flavor now I think making shuffles to straight alcohol there's no I am making it sound like out there and flew in place of illiquid and -- get this straight then -- straight up flavor rabbit that picking meant that Beers down always just enhances nets and you're usually eating him out the very easy can get plastered without getting plastered from the travel and enjoy her cooking with alcohol. I love the recipes get a whole lot for the Shia right it's like putting it Alen man in charge of the peanut gallery here. And I actually I love what I need you look. So this. Right and I wild ride on the inaugural happy hours after 94 and I and it's chaired the always are said eagle craft beer venture with mr. Ken writes. We've got Andrea from Andrews troubles along with her system Lauren not Lauren I love the fact you're hurting out taking copious notes on. All the gears were drinking eight in what's going not everything aligns him are you that my heart happy thinking. They do things that keep your fan and we've got Jared Tony from the steel company Stewart Oceanside drinking their Beers and enjoying the absolute hell out of them and we got one more before I said he backed Oceanside because. Your busy Manny got a lot going on so yeah I. Did you view I don't hear back your party this go I weekend who's watching the storm they're. Anniversary tonight's today tomorrow and Sunday yeah we can find all these delicious Beers laugh decent. Miller's ears. We got a star ray goes it's on cap we've got a five year anniversary teacher super amazing capitalists we're gonna have a cast fear growing nation with tangerine lime peel and grains of paradise. I don't know grains of paradise is but I'm sure it's super Reggie Garrett is already tell us what it is. Now I'll hold off on that also we're doing some ultra rare can releases were going cans of Beers and hand number m.s now safe on our side we do music in Oceanside and we have a little thing called taps and tracks but we have a guy Mike Martinez who is a sales guy for stone and happens to have a killer vinyl collection so he's going to be playing some tunes live any killer mustaches they might Martinez I know him because he's at an awesome mustache he does sell his yes his DJ name is records stash. Of course. Snappy I call that basket and then we're gonna have some food and other things and so is it our and we would would tie game so all day early Friday you know today eleven to eleven and Saturday's alone run eleven to eleven and Sunday eleven and nine has yet is so so 119 Sunday Saturday eleven to eleven camp and nine until eleven now OK and and described the folks how they find displaced kids you know you drive around in circles your first time there we won't get in the long story about how stone never has signs yeah come by itself never has science so look for the garden with me and the barber shops and other things that are in downtown ocean side. Should I think they're really Garcia a lot of low on blood stream down right now roundtree mod we have an adjacent parking lot look for garden which is unusual in Nazis gave blocks from the beach so if you wanna go down the beach and stick your toes in the ocean afterwards he can calm speaking of cans we have crowd cans for sale only senator senator south another match and against amoled Garrett explained the beer were about to drank as we need to get back to beer they swear is at your kid did you get any of the our men are different and that there on the so this is AF fairly aged drowning known aged in red and white when burials for 23 years and then they added some bows ten sour chases that book tour. That's a gives ten minutes about a year old as well also stuff for years age in his beard though warmed up a bit so it's superior. Whiny on the nose throughout cemetery characters who'll smell it's still surviving is a serious he Gonzales oh yeah 30. The wizard the wizard himself the TC beer even though it's it's eight point 2% so it's kind of baker and sat around while it it is heart it is Venice and then you've got some of that Vanilla. Slash kids I read three ring and I did it peacefully history should have. Yeah it's like a banana split with and that's what it is like a banana split it is so good yeah. You are not letting some big nanny news out of that yeah honestly it like at the beads and. I'm stunned us I I. I don't I noticed a brown that's the daily and I don't live there are some history notes that that come across very big nanny banana bread I would say yes and banana bread so in some wine taste out of fruit it is a complicated beer man and yet it this is a journey is definitely develops even more overtime and we have I'm originally about a year ago and he was different and is different six months and to Gerri give a story to go with this fear I don't story. I make up front. Yeah. Flavors to keep changing your round. Well that's Lisa Steve Gonzales who is just the man as I call them in their bodies get the doctor Frankenstein on thing on fire he's just a mad scientist he he he got knows when he put into the beer to get down the road today he wanted to go through this enormously Gonzales is stones director of the barrel aging program and small match. He is submitted papers to peer reviewed journals about how barrel aging works in the complex bio chemistry that was involved so you can think you can think you do not just here you can go hey it's 10% part. A well I think you are putting together this amazing beer because at this point nothing would say that now. The quiet corner we visited the hell out of my studio latest on any Romans is here the rest of the evening.