Rock & Roll Happy Hour with Tom Nickel

Friday, June 9th

San Diego Craft Beer legend, Tom Nickel gives is the details on this years San Diego International Beer Festival!


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You know can I think we might have scared Kelly damning Tom brought food and now between you and I would like to bears coming I don't know I don't care are never seen too hungry men eat so fast as what just. Happened before we started the show the walls are spattered with the barbecue sauce it's like Linda on this I see you eat the rid just noticed the empty bones on your yeah. It is the rock girl happy our affinity for mine it's Jeremy would meet is always. Our San Diego craft beer evangelist mr. can write in the voice you hear alongside of us. The B one Tom nickel you know from O'Brien's West Coast barbecue and grew. Most famously I guess nickel beer company and you also ahead of the San Diego international beer festival that is right thank you very much. Other in the fact he brought us. Such amazing barbecue from west because barbecue brew what was with the Mac and seized by the way Mac and cheese that's our our brand new birthday beacon Mac and cheese of its hole slab bacon. How smoked. Thick cut in the little like stake chunks and then blended with our house Mac and cheese steak chunks of bacon and Mac and she's probably the most ridiculous damn thing I've beaten in probably three months since -- Coachella leading to Koji -- that right there that if if I die tomorrow I will die with a full belly knowing that I had one of the best foods on the planet but anyways I I digress Luke got Tom here for San Diego international beer festival. Coming to San Diego another year at the fair kicks off next Friday. Three days five sessions or special tapping the whole way through. You always do right yeah. No they were look you probably well over 300 Beers were looking at probably more than a dozen countries represented. And tunnel local beer to the draft beer ton the bottled beer. Rare toppings and each session so yeah out to step more beer than anybody can sensibly during. Well I know tonight he didn't wanna focus on a lot of Southern California Beers. Since it is the San Diego international beer festival here and they introduce Ken nice and Beers and went and had yet as we got a couple international Beers and on the we're starting with as the buying stuff honor. Have favourites and so have provide some relatively common style. Find show fodder. Is known for its wheat Beers they do we box they do dark wheat Beers they do a lot of different really good wheat Beers. So it's definitely something they're known for a lot of the US Parise brew half bites and use these from buy insofar honor. We got a claims to be the world's oldest rule to say is like did that textbook. Half site and you say something I'm having a moment with his career. Doing bacon Mac and cheese in this mean. I've got to imagine this is washing down the creamy guess in the as the smoking is the debate can really well Alex doing such a fantastic job it's surprisingly for a week beer it's got a lot more mouth feel and I expect this five and a half percent solid in the fleet helps out body. So using wheat is a trick that a lot of Boras who used in making later. Alcohol Beers because it does had mouth feel and body. Without adding a lot of color after the beer it's creamy almost out it is very much so. Man like all they can injury can be said it was 5% five point four ultra. This is one of the Beers will be porn at the international beer fest yes this will definitely be there and this win any awards you know I doubt I don't recall but I want to know what I could check the list and I can tell you next if I get below 18100 years or so that's literally won something along the line wondered to Ward's fine. I'll shut up a place in music treat this Beers the rocket Latvia and before nine. It is there article at BR a from that before and I tonight we're drinking beer when one of my favorite staples in the San Diego. Political indeed be here now since you know just brewing community would lose theirs may be clicks and now the craft beer movement and the Indy beer movement but depending on who you talk to there's gonna besides what is Tom has been in it. Since before it was cool and that was the BI director called we have to say about it that's what I. It did do we really have to go into that sir you know. There's been waiting there with your beer conspiracy. X-Files there is no conspiracy EB InBev is evil everybody knows they wanted to go oh world. They're very all artist about it. We want to control the world's beer market that's their stated goal. There's no ambiguity. On the soapbox now there is no hiding it and I well. But the man let the man speak this is underground money here all right well then let let's talk about some underground mines like about some Indy minds about some smaller breweries. Stock robberies worldwide that are representing all together arm in arm delicious beer at the San Diego international beer festival next Friday at the fair now and you do in five sessions each session as its own ticket goes along with it. Yes so each session is four hours unlimited sampling each session starts with the exact same lineup of beer. So no one session is different than the other except that each session is gonna how he singled different especially beer that we tapped during that four hour period. Now this is Friday and Saturday and Sunday and sudden episode was twelve to four on Sunday and then there's Friday day Friday night Saturday day Saturday night we're worried people go to get to to gets its CN Diego beer festival dot com we'll have all the information on the ticketing and timing and pricing and all that category does that include a fair ticket the price of your general of the price of the general mission to gonna believe they have it is one costs so yeah that's just that's festival prize like when it's -- included so we start -- the program with the what you what was it was heaven might find stuff on her how provides a favourites and there's only one end in headlights in boys and girls there is not a spelling tests on with this beer sorry. But I heard midwest farmers called have provides an effort by it and yeah. Our I'm I'm Curious George your sport of my glass because this is no legs jammed smells like Smucker strawberry jam so this is dutrow strawberry lamb back so we've moved on to Belgium now so this is obviously a suite where Vick they're all sweet answer our lamb mix and double a ball represented at the fastest is definitely on the sweet side with just. Lots of that jammies strawberry flavor up up up up a this makes me happy because this. I almost elect any with a slice of to host of the seriously but is it that this would be an excellent breakfast beer the. But I don't think it is the Nixon I. How little room in the morning well I had that the glass with 3% alcohol Barley malt O does it it's it's Olympics so it's it's very low now down lower and much Lauren alcohol. On the now I don't feel so bad drinking more of this epic and it's good for him over there and there's no action did. In Atlanta with I have to get a move that actually is and that I'd it's a lovely. Right cheers to you Kelly or some more. It's why you delighted I must say it takes a lot to hear the words that is utterly delicious from Tom Nichols mouth. As he sits here and drinks are next year is the rock and happy aren't at the 9493. Wood Tom tonight talking about the San Diego international beer festival which if you're going to fare. I would suggest that you do it next Friday Saturday or Sunday in case one of the five sessions the San Diego international beer festival tickets on sale. VIP still available for all sessions right I believe so San Diego beer festival dot com and of course yes in case you're wondering that includes their mission. We had. A strawberry landing we just finished was absolutely amazing that would go really will funnel cakes. A cool. And we have had now you're talking and I and I can only collecting. Tom right you do the mag jeez we talk to rubble what was the torch and the that you there was an icon all sorts so we serve that both O'Brien's and to West Coast and it's a crazy like image club sandwich torts on steroids now with like a double dose of avocado often he can never go wrong with avocado. I so the beer that you were just. Sampling is something that I have never tried before. This is that red arrow backyard big guys in society in a well storied career before they started this brewery. And doing so our Beers they call their sour program their barrel program this one beer yeah. This is this is the high binder which is a wine barrel aged beer with raspberries. And this was one of the Beers it was entered the competition we had over 15100. Years. Into the competition. And while roughly 350 of those the festival so this particular Beers highly unlikely to be at the festival. But the benefit of a streaking on the areas we don't need enough beer for 101000 people ask. We need another nerve for just us I hope we can enjoy this well and you and you know bit the taste profile beer like this is amazing it's got to dried funky finish. Depending on what you parent with though. Makes that fruit just candidates blow blog Tommy your wife does Nichols pickles and you just handed me pickled green being that she did that paired with this isn't really give it really. Just brings out there it is really brings out this this this all's been addressed since that just kind of changes the whole beer around. It pairs do that on their labelling talk about not on the label but on the website is actually talk about apparent low. Jeez things a little bit of the people sharpness and that's what made me think it would be wildly out of Beers just. Managers so many things they think this would parallel with this is an extremely food friendly kind of beer. I got a son that will pair well with this I don't know who would agree with the more whether it be Travis. Or Doug effort who's the I Travis Travis trim grass. Doug is now dog is death penalty is death metal that Doug is definitely as they go I think you'll appreciate this that if the Rocco have yeah and I'm. Tea and learning a plethora of knowledge off the air on the rocket Latvia are definitely not a place there is so I didn't learn that two. Asked Jeremy let me tonight or San Diego craft beer Angeles mr. can write in Tom nickel. The stable in the San Diego bring community you know from Brian's the west has barking broke. And of course nickel beer company also heads of the San Diego international beer festival so you know that next Friday when it kicks off with a fair. They're gonna be delicious Beers on that he's rudderless is Beers rest night societies high binder. It strawberry Atlantic we had a half from where was that in the world buying stuff honor might step honor of the day the right. Oldest brewery in the world in the oldest brewery in the world going back to monastic days. Bruins well well a new moon who couldn't walk he tells. And IE contreras of these Beers at fair San Diego beer festival dot com and you know muzzle drinking at once it's we've got time oh. What is the next so we're going back to Belgium here with a haul them on brewery from rouge it's east profit Hendrick triple he said this brewery has been family on for seven generations something like that founded 1856. And stay on the family though. That's punk rock yeah that yeah. Are we expecting everything I have and try to edit everything than a normal Belgian beer comes with those. All I were to get the bid and any data entry as a sovereign east and it's got you know just a nice body but it's really late triples are really light colored Beers. And often use a little bit of sugar in them to keep the body draw I. Oh yeah and how strongly our suits and 9% alcohol beer that does I'd be quite drink like it. Now that that sort of dry sizzling financially champagne it does it almost installation of an affect somebody who. Doesn't like Deere and has more of a champagne drinker I would throw this in the hand and say what you think that so people are gonna be drinking things like this would which are wonderful Pennsylvania beer festival. I mean could somebody find at this. Somewhere outside of defense so yes it struck me Hendrix readily available so they have a triple live applaud it's been a multiple award winner or competition. That regularly available around town. Southern California distributor summing any any better liquor store. Would have straw for Hendrick Mears for sure did this this'll be a great way for people to try all of these new styles out that they never I mean they're they're there is a world beyond. You know I BA's shot out yet and call so tonight is double life. Is I. Is a red IP is nice VA's effort AP is tough from one count right we have these and that's what you're talking about right and there's like eight or nine different kinds of ideas don't jive VA did an idea Syria will be gone and I'm. Forrest Gump and setting up throughout gum by day go vote. I. I have four it's gone too far and Mike is awfully good solid. Can you kill me smalls. I don't know what I'm happy the fact that in my got a belly full of food. Like that Mac and cheese at the bacon and Tom has brought some amazing Beers tonight is the rock and all happy aren't at the 949. Tivoli Reagan to all these Beers and an hour. And we're trying to are damned is we have to roll me out of here after this that the mean between the Beers in the stories that goes along with them I mean aware that it's a hell of a good time tonight. It you'll find the San Diego international beer festival. Next Friday June 16 to the eighteenth five sessions you get tickets. San Diego beer festival dot com I imagine Tom that you don't need to have a ticket ahead of time to get into the beer vastly confronted by an on site at the fair right. Yes you can buy them on site at the fair. To my knowledge I don't think they've ever completely sold out a session to where they've stopped selling tickets always sell more tech always sell itself there's no more beard sell tickets that if you can take the deaf on Friday the Friday day session is my favorite because it's the least crowded. Everything on Friday 40 before it's the least crowded session call in sick now the Irish flu might be rampant next weekends CNN sick ticket come anatomy Truex yeah. Hope. I don't know about that but what is his next beer that you poured out Tommy literally smells like you just handed me a glass of ops are the how did speech so this is our newest double a kid that nickel beer and Julian it's fix that. And forget about it. But yeah. Which we actually got our Jersey bartender Ollie and O'Brien spell out so the name of this Beers about 28 characters long that's a can we need a picture nevertheless I had a different things well. And we got up to build the breweries names picks Paul and brewed beer form to thank him for that was Dixon ITN as for his fiftieth birthday last week. Has said well let's brew you know whatever you Barbary we can brew double version of the fix that is let's do that and I'd like six other ideas that we didn't get to us so we created this beer. And it's crystal some go an embryo hops all in ridiculous quantities in about eight point 3% alcohol. And this I will indeed be pouring out the festival alongside our bronze medal winning. Doubles copper. Why it's and as fair this is one. Hell of an imperial life CA yeah this is like you took a much pops in to squeeze the junior yeah exactly that I feel like I'm licking a hop. But in the best way possible it's like credibly go to pros and Hawpe. And your tongue stuck to it you couldn't get it off. And I'm good enough already dead dad yeah yeah. BI as as the guy who makes the copies beer were made the copies beer I've ever tasted in my life. I don't expect anything that's an idea that the yet this is a bull last. It has jogged my memory the owls got carried away free tickets summer your last chance and SP FVIP tickets if you are coming on this. On Sunday text June JUNE 2617 point nine message batteries may apply and of course no texting and driving candid. Don't looking to avoid seeing. Yeah I think it's never our heavy could play a song and go more beer. Since I was the State's rainy you just can't shake your head. Is the rocket all happy aren't in 94 nights Jeremy. Pictures of Bob plus Oprah is taking notes good good man's. There's a lot of line and of course our our San Diego craft beer man of the hour Tom nickel from O'Brien's. The nickel beer company in the West Coast barbecue and brew bring all the Beers with the San Diego international beer festival next Friday at the fair. Tickets 55 bucks for general admission 110 for VIP and what was VIP gates who VoIP. And a half hour early and we have a VIP area that has its own beer bar. You'd actual blouse. Being full like five ounce pours in that glass. And they do a really nice beer paired spread of food for the first two hours of the session on and on as every extra dime accident there at the food is what really makes a good you can get up there tried Beers and have kind of unlimited sampling. Of all the different stuff and every day of the usually four or five different food stations. Each paired with specific Beers later tonight some of the Beers you rot where. Were more international Beers but you know it's it's not just about international fears. There's also be a lot of local breweries represented like like pizza for you say you're gonna have what it. Biggest collections pizza poured beer out that'd be support that we should have you know ten to twelve pizza for Beers on drought from all the different locations. And I mean we'll have Beers from a lot of domestic breweries. But a lot of sandy who breweries a lot of sandy deliveries and the competition they wanna represent their hometown. So. Oh yeah no we do very well say you know not to brag but this city the brewers do windy you know and not necessarily a majority but certainly the highest percentage of any area of the matter. Culture and an excellent who's worked at the air it's called international beer festival just because most fair competition are local Southern California so. If people think like it's not well represented always as well represented as far as well. Was it it was the pizza port at 1 o'clock is now than he did it a video with the dog in the trophy. Yeah no I absolutely. That was Cleveland Jeff bag was pizza por yes I want that it was the legal the legal. Eagles brown illegal brown now the three Eagles brown the worn out three Eagles back in those days that there are three Eagles these days that's spear won an award did yeah absolutely one he won best show I believe with that. Yes. Yeah yeah I. That's what bag he's a legend yet. What it what is our last beer tonight because we're running out of our last year is night writer imperial stout this was something bag we started brewing when he was that a pizza port Carlsbad and my main comment on this here is. Let's visit this was the last beer the night for me many many many many times this is the soft landing I've been looking forward to all show wow my goodness that's smooth it's a row ST it's coffee it's. Plug your common earlier people who like champagne that may not like beer. People who like an after dinner coffee drink or who enjoy a nice ruby port after dinner. Would really enjoy drinking this after dinner I am in on this this would definitely my last near empty beer festival in fact while us here tonight handing. All you baby we're done we're probably has had his colleague Lisa announced that that's not kept it.