Toilet to Beer Tap

Monday, March 20th

Our very own Stone Brewing Co. is using a very unique, very green ingredient in their new pale ale. What is it? Jayson has the story, and the answer…


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Commercial free Monday on FM ninety far nine miss San Diego's alternative word Dana and Jason. A jury in San Diego is making craft beer out of sewage water. Now let that settle inferno that they're not making this little lie and hit it actually making national news of congratulation. For. A sewage water yet their daughter. Is it just a thick border of what. Because sometimes those learn a little murky oh perfect I think Porter and now it's actually stone brewing company and say hey sound that's one of the most popular so it just created a new beer called. Full circle pale pale. That's made at a sewage water. They swear it's been treated and it's safe but they're trying to go green apparent lay it more environmentally. Friendly feature. Would you try it that's what I wanna now. I mean I don't really understand how the whole sewage system works like is my ever exposed to a normal problem Lloyd yeah. Just just do normal. I trust them. You do you trust that I do trust them because they're they're not only popular in San Diego Rivera booming on the East Coast to everybody knows stone Burry. They're not gonna do something that's gonna second last. Yeah I mean is the nation's ninth largest buries so they know what they're doing but I would widen. To be lied CEO like okay do whatever you wanna deal with have been just don't tell me about that. But they're proud of that d.'s seeing people buy you more or just because they know they're going green or is that got it because sewage is how do you make sewage sex I. I wanna know I need some more information on us so I it's not from the articles are different I found just I don't how can you Google. Do I ever drink the sewage water and other side and I. I compare my experience left as if it's not a big a deal but I'm drinking sewage water because sometimes I do when I don't even realize says it's. That of first our hearts out this firm toilet to tap. Interest think recycling water. How does that then. Very. Except dead by us because we find it disgusting I just have spotted it sounds horrible so there has been trying to introduce these recycled. The water plants. Bless us as Americans are Geiger. No no no we want trash we love freshwater and so they're actually having a hard time and especially during. The drought that California's facing their trying to enlist more of these plants that everyone is saying now it's really just about me forgetting that that's and that they don't want you to forget I want forgot felt that they want you to be like you should be proud of yourself because you have gone green and you're enjoying this delicious craft beer. I don't care if I can't taste as they say they say it's among the hell else that they made it's in the top three best ones. So I would cheated Triad on behalf of every lie did you enjoy his craft beer yeah I feel like you should be the official taste tester because it's not it's not in stores yet did they haven't had a very yet. I don't know if they haven't in the blurry but I feel like we can probably get someone said by age tell us tell us and then you taste at. Would you be would on behalf of everyone would UT I. I've got I'm just I'm kind pass says I'm OK with it now if it stays good I'm not gonna think about the sewer. Specific case and I'm in I'd. If I like something I can totally separate bad news out of my mind and put that away. And I honestly do you like getting drunk for her for us. Sorry honey I'm drinking on back and I'm going green this time yes I mean then I can feel really good about myself and I'm drinking. Did the other way I thought often I just just sat about myself I regret that.