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Tuesday, November 8th

Nickie Peña of White Labs and Lindsey Sylvester of San Diego Brewers Guild and Stone Brewing - FULL Interview with Cantore + Woods


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FM 949 we're on the air right now yes low blow check this out yes real unhinged. Can't tour in wood's sister she did here and we have a guest in studio woods Taylor took the Mike on and I go back to San Diego beer we can we start talking about beer in the awesome dear community here. And you know we digress we having guested sneaky team ya from white labs. Hi guys things are having mean. Now I'm happy San Diego beer week TO. Think you having sanitary teach you is this what the twelfth anniversary is that ranked 38. And yes yes just I had girls are Narnia I just edit flyers. Fan and please introduce yourself as well Sara diamond and I'm standing over the brewers' guild who throws the annual beer week. All right if you get right on that microphone that would be awesome. So we'll start with you in one and she tell us what's going on with that with beer week this year and what this means to the San Diego will be your community. Yeah absolutely regret over 350. Epic fear centric events happening across San Diego County. And and that we had just had our kick off event that started last Friday and it's the beer week runs until Sunday. And we have tickets available still for our beer garden at the Torrey Pines obliged us tapping on Sunday the third. Teens at the closing ceremony airs which is you wish you guys just getting hammered every day just every day responsibly we get hammered respond on saint GF people who like check your liver is like walking around with you at all times I. I don't know how responsible hammered. I don't know how that works I don't one I know I want to from a hundred that's how it goes you're all are now they hauler of all now are you guys able to. To cruise through beer week with the moderation. In that. Feels like he got a punch and kidney. Around and I'm now I have to say the cool thing about living in San Diego is it's almost like it's any of your week every week I know. I points you know so and white. For our beer community yet. Early so we actually produce and he's her varies wineries and distillery so we definitely play a big part with like the craft your community. And what we're doing tonight as our host an event for are very good friends of local beard journalist I'm Brandon Hernandez yes well the campaign geared to the rescue and what he's gonna be doing. Is he there on saint two. Just kind of snuck me. Talk about the lupus foundation of Southern California and then also. We're gonna tap the beer which is I have allies and with blood orange and have this dissonance about fermented with our. Did you LP 300 have four why is an alias. No one answer that's wrong I love it that that's Brandon calling in right now that. And that event again is happening this evening is that correct. Yet tonight from Puerto aids and then also if you show up it's. Noon we're gonna have our CEO and founder Chris White girl in a hot dogs all the people who casting their votes they Imus really really special day goings on a sausage sizzle Canton island that is owning really. Now look it up it's a thing in Australia that's you silly sausage I love sausage cheese and sausage and and you're also given away free free cups of yeast out their life. I'm not easily and give out free hot dogs how how am I get your hot guys in Jason can't have our guys down blossomed. And if people wanna find out more about San Diego beer week where they need to get out as these keyboards dot com now I know he does that come. I know this guy like he drinks Budweiser can you believe so gallantly and many are again I know it's ST VW dot large. Very good thank you so much for coming by ladies and things haven't and we're back after this sale crowd. And the thrill of American hockey.