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Dana & Jayson - Dom Howard from MUSE

Friday, February 16th
After they dropped a little New Music Discovery single yesterday on the world, Muse is buzzing. So naturally this morning, Dana & Jayson pulled some...

Dana & Jayson - "Friends"

Friday, February 16th
Friday morning started on a weird note, as Jayson insulted Dana's new look on the ride to work. Rather than push on with hurt feelings and bad vibes, Dana...

Dana & Jayson - Stranger Danger

Thursday, February 15th
If Jayson calling strangers on Craigslist for friendship wasn't weird enough, Dana & Jayson's Producer Jack is taking it to a new level with a live-in...

Dana & Jayson - The Panera Proposal

Thursday, February 15th
Yesterday was Valentine's Day, and love was in the air... at Panera Bread. When Jayson found out that the restaurant chain was giving away free wedding...