Super Mega Colossal Coachella Giveaway

9 Chances Every Day to Win Wristbands


The ALT 949 Super Mega Colossal Coachella Giveaway -- The MOST chances to win Coachella wristbands!

We’re making your workdays better with chances to win FREE Coachella wristbands nine times a day, every day including weekends.

Sign up here, then listen for your name 9 times every day, including weekends: 9:10a | 10:10a | 11:10a | 12:10p | 1:10p | 2:10p | 3:10p | 4:10p | 5:10p


1. Sign up below, download the ALT 949 app for iPhone or Android, or text "COACHELLA" to 61749* to get the link.

2. Listen for your name, 9 times every weekday from 9:10am to 5:10pm on ALT 949.

3. If you hear your name, call us back at 833-272-1-949 within 9 minutes and 49 seconds to claim your Coachella wristbands!


Every weekend listeners that had their names called out during the week, but did not call back to claim their prize will have a SECOND CHANCE to win over the weekend, by listening for their names to potentially be called out - 9 times Saturday and Sunday from 9:10am to 5:10pm on ALT 949!